MW3 Spec Ops Survival trailer coming 'very soon', promises Bowling

Infinity Ward's Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has assured GamerZines that the first trailer of Modern Warfare 3's Spec Ops Survival will be released "very soon".

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NanoSoldier2527d ago (Edited 2527d ago )

Can't wait to see it

give me the Trailer and I don't wait anymore

subtenko2527d ago

Well it will have to be pretty spectacular for me to be impress in regards to all the amazing BF3 videos!

Agree of Disagree if you Agree

SpartanZero2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Well the fact that it will be console footage is spectacular enough

FanboyPunisher2526d ago

What are you wanting to see? Just pop in a COD4 disc play the ship level and you'll be able to see everything.

jdfoster002527d ago

They said this 3 days ago too =p.... Hope they bring it out soon.

d-lirious2527d ago

Finally a FPS featuring bowling. I was wondering when the crossover would be made

BabyCarlos2527d ago

Yes! Another really big story. I'm so impressed by that wave of new information.

SheenuTheLegend2527d ago

Clean Copy of Uncharted Co-Op mode

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