Windows Phone 7 DLC Debuts

Following the debut of the micro-transactions programme on Windows Phone 7, Microsoft has launched the first downloadable content (DLC) for an existing game on the Zune Marketplace. Players of the recently launched Beards & Beaks can now download two additional stages for free, each with more than six additional levels within.

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fooxy2556d ago

I guess there is always an option to avoid micro transactions

mcstorm2556d ago

Ms are testing the water with this. Like what they have done with the windows phone os and the new mango beta is amazing so I would expect the final release to be even better. But this is just the start of bringing full xbox live to windows phone and I see when windows 8 is given to us it will add xbox live to it too.

dark-hollow2556d ago

windows phone 7 is such an amazing piece of art!
it is so smooth and the ui is innovative!
the only problem is overpriced apps tho......

Close_Second2556d ago

Win7 mobile is a terrible o/s.

atlys2556d ago

if you'd actually try it instead of hating, you'd see that it's actually quite good. fyi, it's windows phone 7 or wp7, not win7 mobile. troll harder.

Close_Second2556d ago

Work issued me with an htc phone running windows 7 mobile. I cant stand it compared to android and ios. So, keep making assumptions and live with the fact you dont know as much as you think you do.

Its amazing. You dont like something and immediately its assumed you've never used it.

tehReaper2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

It wasn't the fact that you "didn't like" it, you said it's a terrible o/s.

If you had actually used one, a comment like that would never exist unless you have a strong hate for Microsoft or love for one of the other operating systems.

I'm still going to go out on a limb and think you haven't used one. It's too good to be called terrible. I wouldn't call it great until Mango releases, but it's in absolutely no way terrible.

And it's Windows Phone 7..not Windows 7 Mobile.

xtremegamerage2556d ago

I had a HTC HD2 phone before, really did like it. Interface was fine, i'm guessing Win7 is better, but after that i went HTC Desire and so many apps.

3.7 inch is the pefect screensize for a phone imo.