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Run_bare2283d ago

cool.. release date for Australia please? and does it come with Special edition goodies like demon soul?

Yi-Long2283d ago

... so I still wont be buying it. Sadly.

frjoethesecond2282d ago

If only there was a de-bubble for stupid comments.

Yi-Long2282d ago

... I want my movies in the original language, I want my anime and cartoons in the original language, and I want my games in the original language. Simple.

There should have been an option to play the game with the original language and subs (the subs are already there btw...)

godsinhisheaven2283d ago

Everything has to be late in europe (demon's souls), but at least it's coming...

Fishy Fingers2283d ago

Doesn't help it has to be localised into a ton of languages for EU releases.

Wintersun6162283d ago

There's no "has to be" in localization, it's 100% optional...

waltyftm2283d ago

Better late than never, love the Catherine artwork and look forward to seeing this advertised over here.

Ramas2283d ago

any idea when? after a month? half a year? or when?

TheColbertinator2282d ago

Awesome,good news for my fellow EU Atlus fans.