Star Wars: The Old Republic - Pre-Order Cinematic Montage Trailer Is Stunning

Check out this trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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KING_KAI2406d ago

when does this come out.

theEx1Le2406d ago

I don't know if they announced one yet, last I remember it was September they said that in January though. I can't take much more waiting though, all these trailers and no date is just cruel :(

jdktech20102406d ago

All they've said is Holiday 2011....seems to be two camps of rumors.

One says early October and one says Early November.....real exact I know but Holiday 2011 is the only official date we have

joydestroy2406d ago

i hope soon. i went ahead and pre-ordered.

Cpt_kitten2406d ago

the killing me

Raendom2406d ago

If there was a game just 1% of what is in that trailer I'd cry

NiteX2406d ago

[email protected] XboxTV. Does the Xbox have wet dreams about this game going to consoles? Keep dreaming! No MMO will ever work on a console.

modesign2406d ago

i have a bad feeling that this game will turn out to be another APB, and theres one reason for this EA.

joydestroy2406d ago

why? EA is a publisher, not a developer. a developer has a bigger effect on how a game turns out versus the publisher. on top of that, BioWare has done okay under EA thus far. i mean sure, it's arguable that any of their games are epic, but i can say with certainty that BioWare hasn't put out a turd.

silvacrest2406d ago

this is all bioware with whatever lucasarts is adding, im pretty sure this MMO will be pretty good, certainly something im looking forward to anyway