Star Wars: The Old Republic CEs selling out, being resold for $400+

EA's Origin service and Amazon have sold out of SWTOR's $150 Collector's Edition, making room for individual sellers who are not shy about adding to the price. Some are selling their pre-orders for $400 and up.

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ScubaSteve12551d ago

no ce is ever worth 400 than again the 2,000 plus uncharted 2 rings a bell

SuperSaiyan42551d ago

They are still available to pre-order in the UK but am suprised that still hasn't got it on their site despite the official site saying that sell the collectors edition.

Got mine on pre-order from I might see what it is worth and maybe sell it :-P

Apollyn2551d ago

I have 3 physical copies ordered. 1 for me 2 to sell lol

alcapwn1802551d ago

That's what we call a douche move.

Apollyn2551d ago

Or a smart move.
Wait let me think about this.

A guarenteed return of atleast RRP so technically i wont loose a pebny and judgin by the current pre order speed they will sell for about 200+ similar to original wow.

Yup definately a smart move.

alcapwn1802550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I'm not dumb. I know it will make you tons of money back, BUT it is still a douche move because you are screwing over people that could have easily purchased it had you not got 3 copies pre-ordered. So yes. Douche. Basically you're an idiot. Love you mean it.