Anna Tsuchiya and Yoko Kanno collaborate for upcoming RPG

Japanese singer Anna Tsuchiya (pictured) and famous songwriter Yoko Kanno came together for “Master Blaster“, the Japanese theme song for the popular RPG “Continent of the Ninth“.

The song was written and composed by Kanno, and is said to be an emotional number expressing the magnificent world in the game and the soldiers who run into battle with monsters. Even prior to the song’s release, the unprecedented but powerful tag team of Tsuchiya and Kanno has been gathering much attention from the media.

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Godmars2902529d ago

Gameplay video:

Looks good, but they to start calling these games action RPGs.

Kurisu2529d ago

Looks good! PC only I take it? Shame.

Bolts2529d ago

Umm...where are the hot babes??

kreate2529d ago

oh they're in the korean RPGs. japanese RPGs are kawaii.

Hicken2529d ago

Yoko Kanno? She's almost as old as my grandmother, but I'd still hit it.

Game0N2529d ago

i just got goosebumps just by seeing yoko kanno's name. everything she touches turns to gold.