Battlefield 3 Console Hands-on Preview - G4TV

G4TV: Considering the bombastic presentations of Battlefield 3 these past several months, you'd think our ears would still be ringing from all the rifle, cannon and mortar fire. We've gone over the game's relatively deep single player, as well as the squad-based gameplay in both single player and multiplayer. Our latest dose of hands-on time came from EA's Summer Showcase, where the publisher was finally ready to show off the previously unveiled Operation Metro map, but now on the PlayStation 3.

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Wizziokid2556d ago

"In all, it's good finally see the console version's multiplayer in action, although it would be great to revisit this in a couple months and see how (and if) the graphics have improved. Given the October 25th release date (on PC, Xbox 360, and PS3), we're pretty sure we'll have a couple preview opportunities to delve deeper into the game."

I wana see some console MP videos!

xtremegamerage2555d ago

I actually split two games at once on two cores each, so i can switch over play.


MWong2555d ago

Ok my question is I viewed 2 SDCC videos on and this video is only the DICE rep saying in SDCC 11 they were specifically showing the PS3 multiplayer footage. Has anybody confirmed any PS3 multiplayer footage yet?