Cliffy B and Kojima Flip Off Fanboys; Doesn’t Matter What Console You Play

Eric of Writes:

"Usually I don’t really agree with Cliff Bleszinski aka Cliffy B, director and designer of famous titles from Epic Games. Even though he makes a hugely successful platform exclusive title Gears of War, he can even get past the biased opinions to come out against fan boys. In a twitter post sent out today Cliffy B and Hideo Kojima, the famous game director of the Metal Gear franchise, took a great picture that came with an even better caption"

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evrfighter2530d ago

eat your heart out n4g. I suspect the fanboys will be steering clear of this article.

KonaBro2530d ago

Ironic you would say that considering you are one of the biggest fanboys on N4G.

HannibalBarca2530d ago

(looks at the one bubble)...oh the irony.

jujubee882530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I like the games they create. Couldn't they have figured out a way not to appear to be flipping off out of context?

OmegaSlayer2530d ago

I replied to the tweet, asking if that's the reason why Gears is still an XBOX exclusive.
Kojima at least show some coherence releasing Metal Gear Solid collection and Rising on both platforms.
Where's CliffyB coherence?

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dwightmccarthy2530d ago

So true. There are great games that release on all platforms and if you are fortunate to be able to own both a PS3 and a 360 there really is no good reason any gamer should not play a particular game just because they are being biased and being fanboys.

Jamesmanguyperson2530d ago

As irritating as fanboys are, they provide a lot of entertaining comments!

Jdoki2530d ago

Yeah, it's one of the main reasons I come to N4G... fanboy ranting and delusion is entertaining.

kreate2529d ago

so .. we hav a few cheering the fanboys.

but fanboys also keep the industry lively. i wonder who would win .. kratos, or master chief :D