Resistance 3 - Exclusive Whispers Cinematic Trailer

Tough calls must be made with lives on the line in this never-before-seen cinematic!

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Lifendz2550d ago

Really blown away by how much they've improved the graphics. The cut scenes and the in-game stuff just looks incredible. I wonder if we'll see a special thanks to Guerilla in the credits. The particle effects and level of detail on the enemies looks nuts. Going to need at least 300 bucks for all the games I want this holiday season.

Cloudberry2550d ago

Gametrailers' video is always slow for me... >_<

LarVanian2550d ago

Does anyone else think that Capelli sounds alot like Hale now? Is David Kaye providing his voice?

plstcsldgr2550d ago

That's what i thought, its like they tried turning capelli into hale hes a family man now and all worried about others. its like they wanted to make a 3rd hale game but they forgot they shot him in the face.

LarVanian2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

It's funny, in Resistance 2 Capelli was a real arrogant dick who could never control his temper. Now he's a responsible father and husband. Even more bizarre is that he is married to Hale's sister.
Thankfully the upcoming novel 'A Hole in the Sky' is set to explain all of this.

EDIT- What's the disagree for? I wasn't bashing the game. I just find Capelli's change of character intriguing.

Lifendz2550d ago

He sounds different from his character in Resistance 2, but the biggest difference to me is the difference in his physique from R2 to R3. Maybe I'm wrong, but I remember him being this incredibly muscular sorta wrestler looking dude in the second game. Now he's built like a regular guy. I guess they can say he stopped working out, but without the wool cap, the muscles, and with the different voice it doesn't really feel like Capelli. Maybe they could've gone with a completely new character for this game.

plstcsldgr2550d ago

the explanation to that insomniac gave early there is no food or vitamins or anything humans aren't all jacked like capelli was because they don't have the nutrients to survive let alone get bulky.

Miiikeyyy2550d ago

It's years after R2, he started a family and settled down. He lost all the bulk because he looks after a family and there isnt much food.

karl2550d ago

besides.. in that trailer his son looks really big like at least 8 to 10 years maybe...

soo it has been quite afew years i say. since i doubt he meet/marry/had a son.. just as soon as he shoot his wife's brother in the face...

i wonder how she reacted to that..

MidnytRain2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )


Maybe he never told her. It would be an interesting plot point.

Lifendz2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

Crap. I wasn't even aware that his wife was Hale's sister. I know it's probably been said in a bunch of vids but I must've missed that. Sigh...oh well. That's just a small spoiler. They're showing a lot on this game right now so I think I might have to start avoiding coverage of this just like I'm now avoiding coverage of Bioshock Infinite. Too much of a chance for spoilers.

Anyway, thanks for the info on how/why he slimmed down.

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theunleashed642550d ago

joe capelli is being voiced by robin atkin downes. who's voiced atoq navarro from uncharted drakes fortune, james grayson from resistance: retribution, and he's also doing the motion capture & voice for talbot which is the guy in the suit from uncharted: drakes deception. he's one always standing next to kate marlowe and says "don't trust drake" hope that helps your question.

LarVanian2550d ago

I know all about Downes, but didn't think he was voicing Capelli. It's interesting because in Resistance 2, Downes did the voice of the villain, Daedalus but now in Resistance 3 he is playing the hero.

HeavenlySnipes2550d ago

The entire time I been listening to Capelli, I said to myself, "Damn, this guy sounds like the dude from Res: Retribution". Thanks for putting my doubts to rest.


xtreampro_REVENGE!2550d ago

Getting married and having a family as well as fighting off aliens for several years can have a devastating effect an individuals mentality and character.

No one can stay the same for their entire lives you know, it's more realistic this way.

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2550d ago
Fred_C_Dobbs2550d ago

i plan on getting the doomsday bundle. finally going to try out ps move.