Skyward Sword: History Repeating? writes: Everyone is waiting for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with bated breath. The Wii is on its last legs as it crawls towards a big finale with this stunning blockbuster from Nintendo. However I can't help but feel we've been here before….

The Wii U is slated for a 2012 launch - that isn't exactly a whole lot of time from the release of Skyward Sword and the launch of the new console. Could Nintendo be planning a re-launch of the title for the Wii U?

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tunaks12362d ago

SS is designed around WM+, everyone keeps overlooking this.

How the hell are you gonna get 1:1 sword play with a uPad? Using a WM+ with the WiiU doesn't solve that problem- u don't launch a system and ask consumers to use different hardware.