Irem pulls games from PlayStation Store, closes Home lounges

Andriasang: Act soon if you want to download Irem games from PlayStation Store. The troubled publisher announced today that on August 11, it will pull the following product from the shop

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air12376d ago

Who is irem? What games do they have?

ZombieAssassin2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

It's in the article, they're best game is prolly R Type

air12376d ago

Lol. Yea I should have read the article instead of just the headline. I just hate links on the iPhone.

Bumpy trott beagle battle? Lmao. Wtf?

golsilva2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

i think their most famous western game was steambot chronicles for ps2. they made a psp spinoff later and a ps3 sequel was planned but canceled. the site also says they are making a 3ds game so its likely they are not closing down anytime soon. i think maybe the cost of keeping up the home spaces and the games were too much so they decided to cut them.

The steambot chroncile creator there left recently and made his own company called granzella, which is making a smarphone game and a ps3 exclusive rpg releasing this year (which i wonder if its a full game or a psn title)

kreate2376d ago

i guess the irem carnival is closing down as well as the kimonos will no longer be in the stores of HOME.