Battlefield 3 PS3 vs PC: A (Stupid) Comparison

MMGN writes: I have been a little bewildered as to any comparison between the PC version of Battlefield 3 and the console version. Obviously the PC version is going to look better. I wrote an article a few weeks back about how awesome Battlefield 3 is going to look on PS3 (and console in general).

If you can't bring yourself to read that earlier article, here are a few extracts to clue you in:

"The argument that it will be displayed in “sub-HD” is downright incorrect: Battlefield 3 was showcased at E3 on PlayStation 3 with a resolution of 1280x704 with MLAA, while running at 30fps.

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MintBerryCrunch2557d ago

people are too focused on console vs console, the moment EA/Dice release 360 footage, articles of PC vs PS3 will be a distant memory as every site and their mother will scrutinize the hell out of the footage and then we will get the inevitable comparison and titles where one "DESTROYS", "DEMOLISHES" the other

you name it and it will happen, the PC will be left out because even tho most won't admit it, PC wipes the floor with both systems and comparing PC footage would only be a disservice to the game and what DICE did to optimize the game on both consoles as best they could with what they had to work with

Inside_out2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

" I have been a little bewildered as to any comparison between the PC version of Battlefield 3 "...

...YOUR bewildered???, what about all the gamers that watched those pre-E3 trailers and now see the " real " game play...dumbstruck would be the better description at it's obvious problems.

" If you’re a console gamer with no interest in PC hardware, you shouldn't even care about the differences: Battlefield 3 will look just as if not better than any other shooter available on the console "...

...maybe you missed all the EA-Dice BS about a " next gen engine in the current gen " stupidity that they continually rammed down every ones throat...where is it??? NOW, it's it will look NO WORSE than any other game." :/

" Battlefield 3 was showcased at E3 on PlayStation 3 with a resolution of 1280x704 "...O_o

EA-Dice have already said that the FIRST console reveal was on the Jimmy Fallon show, AFTER E3. I question your truthfulness as this has been confirmed by Dice themselves...even so...

" The lighting will obviously be different across all three platforms, but DICE is working to mold the presentation so as to compliment any changes made to better suit the hardware available "

This part sounded like it came from a representative from EA...Honestly, the lighting, and it's PC lighting, looks very strange and not at all consistent. the color palette, textures...look rather...bad actually.

" So yes, in part, this entire article is worthless "

...the best part IMO. This guy is obviously angry that the game has been outed as a fraud. Dice claimed that the multi-player would look LIKE the single player and the multi-player DOES NOT look like it's anywhere near the fidelity of the pre-E3 game play trailers. Even EA-Dices recent damage control multiplayer trailers can't hide a game that looks average at best and really, to people with working eye's, well below average.

I said that there would be a price to pay for lying to every one. That is why Acti and the MW3 devs have been so cool and professional...they new it was all a fraud and that eventually, that house of cards would have to come down.

Bladesfist2556d ago

I Dont bother reading your comments I just go straight to the disagree

PS360PCROCKS2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

me too blade, it's eye bleeding ridiculousness from him. Not to mention he trolls BF3 articles to be the first comment almost religiously so he can sprout out some crap about DICE sucking at life. Who knows what his deal is...

edit:: sidenote I breezed through his wall O' text. Um damage control over MP? Who runs a game on max settings on MP? You want the highest FPS possible

Parapraxis2556d ago

Inside_out is actually Robert Bowling perhaps?

SweatyFlorida2556d ago

Why do you always type MASSIVE walls of text when you comment? You end up getting 297256 disagree's anyways so why waste the time?

death2smoochie2556d ago

Your entire post was pathetic actually. Welcome to disagree factory

StanLee2556d ago

What's funny is that if any of you read his rant, he's right. There is huge anti-Call of Duty sentiment across the internet and that group needs this game to be great; not good, not solid but great. There seems to be a concerted effort to dismiss the clear short comings of Battlefield 3. As it was with Battlefield Bad Company 2 when it was pitted last year against Black Ops.

starchild2556d ago (Edited 2556d ago )

That was literally one of the stupidest comments I have ever read. Congratulations.

Does Battlefield 3 have shortcomings? Sure it does. It's not some perfect game sent down from heaven. All games have certain issues.

But your comment about Battlefield 3 looking average, no, worse than average, was just ridiculous.

The multiplayer footage I have seen clearly shows the game to be the most graphically advanced game yet. It looks far better than Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Black Ops, Medal of name it, Battlefield 3 wipes the floor with any of them.

HAF9122556d ago

dude usually you troll funny i even pm'ed you before... but keep it short wtf i cant read this whole wall of text.

Hicken2556d ago

I'm just wondering why you don't have ZERO bubbles yet. All you do is spout half-assed nonsense. I sincerely hope you don't actually believe any of the stuff you say.

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Dwalls11712556d ago

Yes a very stupid comparrason....ps3 is a console.....pc is a super powered computer ....its beyond dumb to compare them

qwertyz2556d ago

yep even a 2006 pc is far more poweful than ps3 and 360 combined. even bulletstorm,red faction guerilla and Armageddon pc destroy anything on consoles in the graphics department and a 2006 pc can max it out!!!

SuperSaiyan42556d ago

It's like comparing the Nintendo Wii to either 360 or PS3 its just WRONG, in the same way comparing PC to consoles is absolutly pointless.

I am building a new system and that will be tons more powerful than either a 360 or PS3, I want to get ready for Star Wars and hopefully if it ever comes out Diablo 3 :-D

venom062556d ago

THANK YOU FOR POINTING THIS OUT!! IGN is a CoD fanboy warehouse and thats the ONLY reason they compared the PS3 to the PC ... to have something to bash BF3 about... IGN a truly turning to a piece of GARBAGE for its disgusting and vomit inducing CoD fanboyism..

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