Xbox Successor and Holodecks Discussed by Rare

Rumblings from developer and analyst circles seem to be indicating that we are on the cusp of the next generation in gaming platforms. With Nintendo unveiling the Wii U, it could only be a matter of time before Microsoft and Sony are forced to address the changing market.

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sickbird2552d ago

Rare hasn't done anything for this xbox and their already taking about the next one?

gamingdroid2552d ago

Kinect Sports was and is actually pretty good. They have done a tremendous amount of work pioneering Kinect. Many try to replicate motion control games without success and Rare are among the few.

sinclaircrown2552d ago

True, but Rare really hasn't done much with the 360. A handful of mediocore games since 360 launched.

I would just be more interested in the article if it was from someone who was pushing the consoles to their limits this gen.

gamingdroid2552d ago

Well they did a lot of the work for the dash as well as the avatar stuff. That said, the Rare we have now is not the Rare of old unfortunately.

However, it begs the question, if you aren't interested in the article, then why are you here?

Especially since Rare obviously isn't what you expect them to be.

coolbeans2552d ago


"A handful of mediocore games since 360 launched."

1. It's spelled mediocre

2. The only Rare 360 game that DOESN'T hover around the 80's, low 80's metacritic average is Kinect Sports. What's your definition of mediocre?

sinclaircrown2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )


Should be the same as your definition. "was ok, not great, not bad"

Also, you are correct, I did spell a word wrong in my last post here. Thank you for taking the time to list it and point it out oops this sentence is running on a little could you please fix my grammer and any other mis-spelled words coz I really couldn't give two sh*ts!

Rare once made great games in my opinion. now they don't, also my opinion.

Also, @gamingdroid, could you point out where I said I wasn't interested in the article? Thanks.


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Bull5hifT2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Red Lazers OF Death, sounds more interesting, Hopefully They'll program the Time it Breaks , and the Coffin Will be Right Outside waiting for you, to help speed up the Process, i Really Hope They At Least Give Online Play on the Silver Accounts... Stop Being A-Holes... Then throw all the other Features into the gold , Seems Fair Huh? .... They Should Try Selling Heaters, for the winter Nights,,as an added bonus also it plays 720 Games

maniacmayhem2552d ago

Hello Rare,

How about a new Perfect Dark, or Banjo Nuts and Bolts...Killer Instinct maybe? Or how about you guys have a sit down and make something cool that doesn't involve my whole family and Kinect.

Your friend,

lzim2552d ago

for that Microsoft would actually have to pay them.. or lift the lid off the box and toss some food in.

but seriously.. it isn't like they've been sitting on their fat lazy asses for 6 years doing nothing. They are a marketing toolbox.

frankymv2552d ago

rare needs to step it up for the next xbox

tiffac2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

All I can say is I don't want a holodeck that would cost me and arm and a leg. Just a good next gen console with awesome games using whatever controller and is affordable is enough for me.