Gears of War 3 at Comic Con: Epic talks story and gameplay

VG247 writes: Speaking from San Diego, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski and Rod Fergusson dropped a number of choice snippets on Gears of War 3.

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MintBerryCrunch2407d ago

that's some pretty damn good dedication towards MP and making sure everyone has a fun and quality experience

Excalibur2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

"The Defensive scenario came about as an evolution of how people play the game, and as far as Epic is concerned, Horde mode is “sacred”. Epic staff were determined not to “screw it up”."

The Cha-Ching sound after every other kill is not needed, the money value after every kill is not needed.
At minimum give us an option to turn that arcade-ish crap off!

Chewy332407d ago

Cha-ching, Cha-ching, CHA-CHING! In all seriousness it doesn't come after every other kill. I believe it's a subtle noise that comes after you receive 500 points.

If it's really that annoying don't you think game testers and developers would've said some thing?

Excalibur2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

We had a poll on Epic's site and 81% off the folks (545) said they either wanted it removed completely or made an option to turn off.

Every 500 points is about every other kill.
I don't need a stupid Mario Bros arcade sound to remind me I'm earning money.

Epic said they put it in because the noobs didn't realize straight away they were earning money.

Micro_Sony2407d ago

Dude its just a sound. Its not like the messed with the controller or gameplay.

Some people b!tch about everything.

Excalibur2407d ago

Do you play much horde?
I don't care to hear that arcade-ish annoying sound 90 million times during a 1-50 round match of horde mode.

IQUITN4G2407d ago

Gears is an exceptional franchise

Old McGroin2407d ago

Yup, it was great! Part 1 was better though.

KingSlayer2407d ago

To each his own. I thought it could've been better and dragged a bit. The story was kinda lame and everyone already knows how shitty the ending boss/ending was. I hope 3 ties it all together nicely though.

IQUITN4G2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

Hmm game testers often don't point out even the very most obvious of annoyances or flaws. Options should always be part of any game as there are usually things people find annoying

I particularly don't like to see score flashed up in front of my eyes and it was something that Bungie changed in fact with Reach- Halo3 scoring was shown in the corner and you could at least hide it away with some tape say, but Reach it shows you your last score hit directly in the center part of screen and is as a result impossible to hide.Devs often drop the ball on seemingly small details like this but it's annoying for still a number of people that they do

Chewy332407d ago

There's been quite a bit of complaining on the Gears forums. And apparently Cliffy and Rod do check them. I think they get the message.

Excalibur2407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

@ Adropacrich2
Numbers flashing and Cha-Ching noises pull you out of the immersion of the game.

CraigBaker2407d ago

Am I missing something? Where is the video? This says there is video, and on the page there is no video. So either I'm blind or this post should be reported.

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