Uncharted 3 - 6 Pages PSM3 Scans

Check out 6 pages scans of Uncharted 3 from the latest issue of PSM3

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digitalscrutiny2529d ago

All I see is adverts when I click on the link. Also, you can't just scan magazines... it's stealing.

xtremegamerage2529d ago

Isn't stealing, the same talk, the same pics can be found all over the net for free.

DoomeDx2525d ago

Its about the text. not the pics

HaHa_Ostrich2529d ago

Damn, I refuse to watch anything Uncharted3 related. I did so wih U2 and was overwhelmed in the end. I kinda feel bad already, seen that awesome cruiser level.

Laypoof2529d ago

That last pic of the city in the dessert looks mind boggling!