Is Capcom Kicking People Out Of Comic-Con?

GameBlurb: There seems to a few various sources claiming that Capcom's being a bit aggressive at Comic Con. Reports from 4Chan and another forum (image found via reddit) seem to indicate that Capcom is kicking people for anyone mentioning any hint of of Mega Man Legends.

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Shackdaddy8362467d ago

These guys are worse than Activision...

BubbleSniper2467d ago

Capcom can suck a 25 mile long dick.

gamingdroid2467d ago

So now that this rumour is shown to be false, what now?

BubbleSniper2467d ago

@gamingdroid <---lol?

they can suck a 24 mile one then. uhappy?

v1c1ous2467d ago

4chan and reddit

that shoulda been a redflag against this article right there

junk3d2467d ago

This is a serious disgrace...why the hell would they stoop so low?

LOGICWINS2467d ago

There was an update. It's nt true.

PattHpapong2467d ago

They can actually do that...?

jill_sandwich2467d ago

Why kick out the people who made the company for what it is today? Down with Crapcom (even though I love RE, lol).

jeeves862467d ago

It all depends, are the people that are complaining just yipping, or are they throwing a full out child-in-supermarket tantrum?

The TPA (there's something similar in the US I'm sure...) states that you can ask someone to leave for whatever reason, if they refuse to leave then security can escort them out, or they can have a police escort out. But I doubt that a company like Capcom would just kick people out for mere whispers of a canned game project.

Cuz we know the Internet is the most reliable source of

Tony-Red-Grave2467d ago

"Reports from 4Chan and another forum"

and they expect me to believe this

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The story is too old to be commented.