Play Global Resistance For Unlocks - It's A Gaming World

Big Resistance fan? I sure am, so anything relating to the alternate world that Insomniac has created, I am all over. In a recent announcement, players who can’t get enough Resistance, a new social strategy game has been released. Global Resistance is a web-based game that has been revealed at Comic-Con that will be tied into Resistance 3 when it is released on September 6th.

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Fobia2432d ago

I was really hoping Insomniac would do something to get unlockable content for Resistance 3. Glad they are doing it in a different way than like Naughty Dog did for Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog didn't do it bad, I really enjoyed it, its just nice to something new.

Oh, and I am calling it now. Resistance 3 - Game of the Year 2011

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HannibalBarca2432d ago

That skin is so badass, I want this game now!

Fobia2432d ago

Agreed, I know what I will be doing this weekend. Sorry time for you, gots to play my Global Resistance