Gears of War 3 "Crescendo" ViDoc Shows off More Epic Game

Fresh out of a presentation at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con event, Epic Games and Microsoft have released a new trailer for the hugely anticipated Gears of War 3.

Titled "Crescendo", the ViDoc features the Epic developers discussing the lead-up to this huge climax for the series and shows off a few of the new toys and environments that will feature in the game.

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Micro_Sony2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I have a feeling Baird is going to die : (

I really hope not as he is my favorite character in the gears universe.

R.I.P Damon Baird

Corporal Damon Baird was a Gear soldier who was an expert in several technical and mechanical fields. He and Augustus Cole joined the COG Army on Emergence Day, being forced by his parents to join. Fourteen years later he was a member of Alpha Squad during the Lightmass Offensive, but joined Delta Squad along with Cole after the rest of the squad was killed. After the successful conclusion to the offensive, he was assigned to lead Sigma-One with Cole, taking part in several battles against the Locust. During Operation: Hollow Storm, he once again rejoined Delta, and fought through the campaign to sink Jacinto. He joined the rest of the COG in its evacuation to Port Farrall and later Vectes, where the COG was forced to deal with the Stranded Insurgency, and later the Lambent Invasion, during which Baird was often on the front lines helping formulate plans with the rest of Delta and command.

Baird was born into a rich family,[3] and grew up loving machines. Building things and messing with machines were the only "happy memory" he had of his childhood.[4] In school, he aced every exam, and invented gadgets while waiting for the rest of the class to catch up with him on assignments.[5] Baird had originally wanted to go to engineering school, but his father and mother refused to give him his inheritance unless he enlisted in the military.[6] Baird, along with Cole, enlisted in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army on Emergence Day.

Micro_Sony2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

After reading the below letters I really hope EPIC does not kill Clayton Carmine.

"I hope you're doing well out there, Clay. Not sure where you are but I trust that the COG will get this letter to you safely. I know that you'll be excited for me, but it'd be great to hear from you before I ship out."

"I just wish Anthony was still here bro. I really miss him. I take comfort knowing he died a hero, but still... I miss him, as I'm sure you do too. Well, you know I'm not that good at letters, so I'll keep this short. Hope you're doing well, big brother, and know that I'll be doing my very best to serve our country and make you and our family proud."

"Your little brother [aka the Squirt], Ben."
— Ben's letter to his brother Clay

The Carmine family has been through so much loss and dont need any more.

otherZinc2550d ago

@Cliff B. & Epic,

I want you guys to look at this video...Now, in response to an interview Cliff had a few days ago, on if it sells there will be more Gears "its just business 101"!

You guys need to watch this video you guys gave us, watch it! Now; why the hell would you even let the word "if it sells" out your mouth? This Game Is Friggin Fantastic!

I expect my son & I to play some co-op Gears of War every 2 or 3 years for the Rest Of Our LIVES!

Gears 3 should be complete, now its time to begin work on Gears 4:A New Horde (or something)!

allyc4t2550d ago

Looks amazing. Can't wait to play this co-op!

air12550d ago

Damnit! I can't see the vid, I'm on my iPhone it must be flash.

QuantumWake2550d ago

Wow, looks amazing! Very sad to hear Cliff lose his father at such a young age, as well as Rod and Lee's father. Epic really want to nail a more richer and deeper story. Definitely looking to be the best Gears in the series.

Cheers! :D

Micro_Sony2550d ago (Edited 2550d ago )

I never learned how to steal or fight or drink the right way as I didn't have fathers growing up because he left home when I was 3. Told my mom he couldn't take it, it meaning me and he was the alcoholic.

Then one day, man, my mom she drops me off at summer camp and she says "See ya later, forever!" and she just drives off. Ever since then I've just been depressed, everything I do is for attention. That's why I here. I mean look at this, I wrote this [email protected] Why am I writing this? I just really, you know, I just miss my dad and I don't know where my mom went and, man, no one really wants me around, that's what makes me cry.

omi25p2550d ago

Is that surposed to be a joke?

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