Attention Kombatants, Unmasked Sub-Zero is coming along with Freddy Krueger

DSOGaming writes: "Dear Kombatants and fans of Mortal Kombat 3, get ready for the ultimate return of your frosty unmasked ninja. During Comic-Con, Warner Bros revealed that the unmasked Sub-Zero will also be released with the Freddy Krueger DLC on August 9th."

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LOGICWINS2551d ago

Woah woah woah woah. I need some clarification here. Do you need to buy the Freddy Kruger DLC to get the unmasked Sub-Zero?


do they mean that the unmasked Sub-Zero DLC will be released at the same time as the Freddy Krueger DLC?

Silly gameAr2551d ago

Hopefully it will be a free Klassic skin and we'll be able to get it when we download the compatibility patch like the others.

Cereal2551d ago

Sub-Zero unmasked is what you get if you download the compatibility pack (notice above the healthbar he's still masked so it shows it's not another Sub-Zero character, just an outfit).

I won't be downloading it anyways though cause Freddy is a stupid character to put in MK and I doubt people will use him anyways especially since Baraka is better.

LOGICWINS2551d ago

Yup, Freddy's stupid. Def buyin Kenshi though.

ivanjp18822549d ago

u'll be the 1st to buy it.

uncharted562549d ago

Idk why are people just so skeptic, on the internet. Its like everyone is a critic and no ones open minded. If you are taking about sense then the whole mk universe doesnt make any sense along with fatalities but u guys like it right. And if you guys dont want to buy him as dlc then dont but dont badmouth him, it isnt like this is the last dlc for the game. If you have any clue of game devs then you will know that they will have more dlc until the next mk game comes out as it helps them make $$$ and gives us longevity on the game. I truly believe that jason will come out in the future as dlc most likely around the time of halloween I suppose.

MintBerryCrunch2551d ago

Freddy is a psychological monster, he doesn't bust you in the head with a punch, he terrorizes you in your sleep

should have just went with another VG character

Cerberus21252551d ago

Russell Edgington is a better fit,wright.

chidori6662551d ago

Next DLC should be Jason.

UnSelf2551d ago

im changing my name to Rasengan777

Miiikeyyy2551d ago

No, jason is just a lame ass zombie who walks around killing people. Doesn't suit MK at all.

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