Is Xbox Self-Conscious? Lately we've seen Microsoft self-proclaim that they have the best exclusives in gaming right now; something that analyst and all-round know it all Michael Pachter claims as being false. If we laid the exclusives out on the table it's quite obvious that Microsoft are certainly lacking when compared to Sony and Nintendo. Are Microsoft trying to boost their self-confidence as they get ready to announce a new console?

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Chaostar2554d ago

I guess this is the kinda-negative MS article that makes totally bashing GT5 in that other article OK?

hellerphant2554d ago

Bang on the money my good man ;)

Chaostar2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Since 99,9% of your submissions are from this site I'm assuming you are affiliated?

If you are then at least you're honest about the aim of these articles lol. Gotta hand it to this site for knowing how to manipulate the N4G kids, hell, I'll approve this just to 'balance the equation' ;P

Legion2554d ago

You do realize that approving this does not balance the equation but instead tips it that much more in favor of PS3Fanboy posts. As the PS3 centric posts far out weigh those of 360.

dark-hollow2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


balance my ass! this will just be an endless cycle of nerds jerking off for their console of choice.

Legion2554d ago

Another twisted logic article... they first point out "Microsoft self-proclaim that they have the best exclusives in gaming right now." and then they go to dispute the fact by pointing out upcoming exclusives. To dispute this statement you should be pointing out exclusives right now.

Not saying that either is right or wrong... but the article is using faulty logic in their dispute of the statement.

mendicant2554d ago

Despite the fact the an inanimate object can't have feelings, the rest of your point is flawed.

Microsoft has plenty of exclusives besides the ones he mentioned. There's Steel Battalion, Project D, Draco, Disneyland Adventures, Rise of Nightmares, Ryse, Sesame Street: Once upon a monster and many others. Some still remained unannounced.

The "problem" is people like to say that for whatever stupid reason, those games don't count. They absolutely do. Just because one may not like Kinect doesn't mean that you can discount that as an exclusive

There are more than a few Kinect games I'll be picking up. That's not including Kinect hybrid games that I'll also be playing. Add into the main four core games series, there's much more to play than I can handle. This whole argument of MS doesn't have exclusives is nonsense. If you have to make up some caveat in order to justify your argument then it is false.

There are a lot of exclusives coming to the PS3 as well; and I'll be buying a few of those. Not as many and very few if any muliplats. I really like my PS3, don't get me wrong. I love blu-ray movies and the games I do have for it I think are great. I buy most of the ps's exclusives (I only have one multiplat for it)but in all honesty to me they're not impressive. The great ones great but even then I don't see any of them as blowing other games out of the water.

Cool system, over hyped. I still enjoy it though.

TheDivine2554d ago

I agree there was at least 10-15 exclusives in 2010, prob around 10 this year although mostly kinect and i know of about 15 coming. Add that to the great xbla games like ms splosion man, bastion, insanely twisted shadow planet, and all the great multiplats and the 360 is covered with too many games to play. Im still playing stuff like magna carta 2, last remnant, tales of vesperia, divinity 2, and metro 2033. Theres so many games on my backlog like ninja blade, project sylpheed, viva pinata, and others that i know i wont play them all. I also have a ps3 and wii which is too much to keep up with. Both the 360 and ps3 have great support although i will admit the 360 has more games it just doesnt have all the heavy hitters releasing now, most are from earlier in the gen. In 2010 the 360 had tons of big stuff, in 2011 the ps3 does. All the reason to own both.

Hicken2554d ago

I think the point of the exclusives is for the non-Kinect players. After all, they've been around longer than the Kinect users have.

If you want to add Kinect-only titles, then Sony fans could then add in Move-only titles, which typically aren't counted.

Without adding in Move-only, PSN, or multipack games: DC Universe, LBP2, KZ3, Disgaea4, MLB11, Free Realms, MotorStorm: Apocalypse, SOCOM 4, inFamous 2, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, R&C: All 4 One, and Twisted Metal, Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll, White Knight Chronicles II, Atelier Totori, Bleach: Soul Resurreccion, and Hyperdimension Neptunia.

On the 360: Gray Matter, Gears of War 3, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Forza 4.

Not trying to flame. But the exclusives that require Kinect are also probably not counted because they require you to spend an extra $150 to play them. That makes them less 360 exclusive and more Kinect exclusive.

mendicant2554d ago

I see what you're saying but I'm speaking for myself. I say go ahead and count Move hybrid/only games and psn titles. Why not?

The point that I was making is that there isn't a shortage of exclusives or games on the 360 as is the common lie. Weither one has more than the other is irrelevant. The point is the games are there. Some will be appealing, some won't.

For example all the PS3 games you listed, I plan on buying two of them and one you didn't mention, The Last Guardian, and the Ico collection. I don't have any interest in Move but I still count there games. I buy 99% of my multi-plats on 360 and I I'm buying way more 360 exclusives.

Count them all is what I say. At the end of the day I have both anyway so I can buy what I want (unless it's a Move game, i'm not buying Move)I just have a preference for the 360.

Hicken2554d ago

(Can't believe I left out Last Guardian. Been wanting that since before I heard anything about it, lol.)

I understand what you mean. If I had a Move, I'd probably add in Move games, too.

But they're NOT counted because they require things extra from the system to play. Move costs about a hundred bucks. Kinect is one-fifty. PSN or XBLA games require internet access, which not everybody has. And multiplats are available on both systems.

So when you factor all the rest of those out, those are the ones truly called exclusives: they're games you can play only one one system or the other, pure and simple.

And part of the problem is that previous years for the 360 have been so heavy on exclusives, yet this year, the releases are Kinect-heavy. Not saying don't support Kinect, but there's definitely no sort of balance.

kingdoms2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )


Don't let them start excluding games they feel should not be counted. They never use a consistent rule of thumb, as if what they think is good should qualify a game as relevant ignoring the consumers diverse taste all the while. Most PS3 fans now claim the 360 only has Gears. If it ain't kinect one day it's not popular enough or it's on PC the next. etc when it comes to criteria. They usually match up every PS3 game against only the well known blockbusters on the 360.

Hicken2554d ago

Well, considering that Kinect has hardly been around a year (the same for the Move), and both systems have been around for longer, that makes a little sense. And, as I said, that's not including either one(Move or Kinect).

Sure, if it makes you feel better, go ahead and count Kinect games.

As for "every PS3 game against only the well known blockbusters on the 360" that's untrue. Halo gets put up against (alternately) Killzone or Resistance(and, less often, MAG). Gears gets put up against Uncharted. Forza gets put up against GT. Alan Wake gets put up against Heavy Rain. And there's no Western-style rpg exclusive to the PS3, so nothing gets compared to Fable.

The rules on what defined an exclusive haven't changed. At least, they weren't changed by PS3 "people." A PS3 exclusive is, with very few exceptions, going to be ONLY on PS3 (DC Universe and Free Realms are the only ones that I can think of). Things from PSN don't get added, even with great standouts like Flower among them.

What get counted are so-called "AAA" titles that are exclusive to each system. As I've stated before, anything else (motion games or downloadables) are things you can't play with JUST your system.

Why o why2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Trust me, that term aaa however stupid it is/was is now biting some people on their a55es. Kinectimals or sports champion is NOT aaa by definition of The n4g dictionary 2006-2010 edition. I remember those days when these thing were all people bragged about. I think some people are trying to amend the 2011 editions definition

So theres exclusives, console exclusives, psn/xbl exclusives and motion control exclusives in reference to the 2 hd consoles. Add them all up for each console and each lineup has healthy numbers but the balance for each consoles exclusives are very different. So yeah, include them all but at least be honest with what people used to frown upon but now accept

MOTY2554d ago

@ mendicant

Well said and superb practicality and mentality. Unfortunately it will go unnoticed to the masses on this site due to it's highly plagued numbers by those in which we dare not mention.

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Anon19742554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I think it really comes down to Microsoft being an American company.

Microsoft's chest thumping about exclusives, NPD numbers, Kinect sales, etc aren't about them being self-conscious, I think it's just the American way.

A year or so ago I pointed out that no one in the industry seems to practice crowing and putting down the competition quite like Microsoft does and another reader pointed out to me "What are you talking about? Companies do this all the time."

Personally, I find this type of corporate "one-up-man-ship" distasteful and asked for examples and he promptly pointed me to Youtube where I received quite the education in American advertisements.

American corporations are constantly comparing themselves to their competition, and it doesn't even matter if they can back up their claims or not. The same seems to go with their political ads. "Product X will give you testicular cancer! Buy our product now or your dog will run away! We guarantee it!"

The type of boasting Microsoft PR seems to engage seems fairly common among American company's so it can seem a little much when compared to European or Japanese companies who are much less likely to point fingers at what their competition is doing and more likely to let their products and reputation do their speaking for them. This could easily factor into why the majority of 360's are sold in the US.

Now that's not saying other companies don't engage in this type of boisterous marketing outside of the US, but certainly the tolerance for this type of boasting isn't the same worldwide.

For example, the type of political attack ads that are fair game in the US recently decimated our opposition party in the last election in Canada. When the opposition resorted to the type of sensationalized, fear mongering attack ads Canadians punished them at the polls, dropping the Liberal party to their lowest numbers in Canadian history. Many said the attack ads simply went too far and we didn't want to see our political campaigns "Americanized".

I could be completely out to lunch on this, but I certainly have noticed over the years that no one in the industry seems to make noise over nothing, and on such a regular basis, quite like Microsoft. And as for Kinect games, personally, I don't think Kinect games count as high profile exclusives. I'm sure Sony has a new Buzz game show game coming out this year that might be exclusive - but you don't see it listed when people talk about the exclusive lineup comparison. Kinect games are in the same boat. They simply don't have the same appeal among gamers that a game like Uncharted 3 or Gears of War have. They sell alright, but there aren't many and they're still primarily being sold to Americans.

mendicant2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

While your comment was appreciated, well written and intelligent, I must wholeheartedly disagree.

As an American I can tell you for a fact that our politicians do not respresnt the American people as they should. That is something that I think can be argued in any country in the world. The approval numbers are the lowest in our history and to be honest, there is a very dangerous, ominous wind in the air that I don't like. Something is going to happen and it's going to change everything.

I don't see Mircosoft "boasting" at all. Neither do I see all these commercials you speak of that claim that a product will give you cancer (I know what you meant but still). Competitive banter is fine. We aren't stupid, we see thru the b.s.

What is arrogant is being told that I would want to work an extra job to afford my product because it's so awesome. What is boasting is calling yourself a blackbelt.

Now as far as your countries political issues, that's their damn fault. Calling it "Americanized" is simply a scape goat to contiune making the same bad choices as before. A diversion, nothing more. In some countries they actually get into fist fights, do you judge that?

Of course not becuase hating America has been the new world sport for awhile. It's cool though. Haters gonna hate.

The average man, woman and child here in America loves people, loves peace and most imporantly loves freedom. To hell with what the politicians say. We're fighing back but it's going to take awhile.

My advice to any that loves to blame America for everything; look at your own countries past and present and then judge. We have our issues but so do the rest of you. Clean your own lawn and stay off of mine.

Why o why2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

Im not an american but some things are just normal in american culture. Laws shape culture. In england for example companies were not allowed to mention another company's brand at all until the last 20 or so years. This type of restriction wasnt put upon american companies. Cultrally it was deemed wrong or not normal to speak about or potray a rivals company or poduct negitivey so it rarely happened even after the laws were loosened. Culture did that. I like americans and have been there on a few occasions and loved it. Everybody was frienly even in parts that were meant to be troublesome but some of the images projected around the world sway peoples thoughts. Millions of americans do amazing things but the negative stuff seems to travel better. There are bad, stupid, evil, great caring people in every part of the world and each cultures share different traits. Its like people will look down on asia centric qwerks like how rape games are acceptable to some and are damned for this yet their sexual assult rates are far below either of our countries per person.

Some of the stuff greenberg has said this gen have been distasteful to some people. Sony have been labelled arrogant for things they said before the ps launch but how can some notice one sides set of stupid comments but turn a blind eye to greenberg, turn 10, Denis Dyack, cliffy b's' arrogance. They're not all as bad as each other...greenberg is the opitomy of arrogance and downplay but thats his job. Doesnt that say something.. One thing i did expect but didnt happen was ms taking a shot at sony about the psn outage.. I was impressed. I dont even care if they didnt have digs because they didnt want to become a target. They acted with a level of decorum that reminded me that these companies dont hate each other and that we can get sucked in a little too much sometimes.

In terms of what dark said about what exclusives used to be deemed as well. That unfortunately is the biggest goalpost shift people ignore. Sorry but disneyland adventures is no way on the same level as gears or halo. Not the same ballpark. Just like how we can seperate xbl/psn only games we can motion only games because they tend to be simple casual affairs. Not saying they arent enjoyable at all but people tend to find a reason to change things when it suits them. Achievements arent needed, rumble isnt needed, hdmi isnt needed....goes both ways but remember the cries of 'no games'. Well thats now being fought off by the types that used to diss the wii for its type of games...ok then. The irony is some of those wii games were deemed childish and simple yet now people are using games that are more simple to pad up their exclusive lists. C'mon man..its a joke

earbus2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

At least ms dont whinge every second.

Inside_out2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

" If Microsoft believe they have the best exclusives then they are either delusional, scared, or perhaps a little of both "

Maybe you missed the part of how M$ just reported 18 Billion for the last quarter...LMAO...I don't know how this stuff gets approved.

Nobody scares M$ except maybe the shareholders.

M$ said that their library of exclusives are higher rated and sell more that there counterparts...not entirely true because Nintendo has 90+ million consoles roaming around and many exclusive title that out sell the M$ titles but that is not the whole picture. btw...Wii sports is packaged FOR FREE with every Wii sold so yes, that tile has sold 90 million but nobody in standing in line for that app...O_o

In regards to Sony...Gears Of war will sell more than ALL Sony exclusives thus far this year...combined. Forza will be the best yet and Halo Anniversary, who the article doesn't want to include should easily sell 6+ million and depending on the reception and all the Halo 4 goodies hiding inside the game, could go much,much higher...M$ is smiling. Witcher 2 is a highly rated's console exclusive at the moment and coming out this year on 360. M$ has also said that by the time the dust settles this year, Kinect will have tripled it's title base...your welcome.

Seriously...when M$ releases information like that, it for the shareholders and NOT for the end user. M$ views gaming in a general sense where ALL games are taken into account...Fanboys are the ones looking at the exclusive, they have nothing else. :/

Look at any top multi-plat...M$ has the highest sales...BY FAR...that's all that matters to them.

The fanboys complain about sales because they don't have them. FACT: without sales, you would be drawing pictures in the sand and throwing rocks at each other for's all about the money. :o

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