inFamous 2 Gets a New Patch

When you play inFamous 2 while logged on the PlayStation Network, a patch will be available for download.

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jbl3162221d ago

Infamous 2 is one of my fav games out this year.

BiggCMan2221d ago

Yea it is a lot of fun. Beat my good playthrough in a couple days and enjoyed it so much. I'm working my way through the evil side now. Interesting though, I never had the problem they speak of in the article, don't know how wide spread it was though.

air12221d ago

I didn't have that glitch either. But then again I never spend time looking for them, some ppl just spend time trying to break the game instead of just enjoying it and playing it the way it was intended.

I'm starting my evil side too, I guess most ppl really do always play the good side first.

air12221d ago

It is a great game!

I hope that they put in some kind of co-op in the next game, that would be good now that they have ppl to co-op with.

cb4g2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Yeah, Infamous 2 was fantastic. Might not be GOTY, but definitely my action-game of the year, with so much insane things to do.

@BiggCMan - The good side was great, but the evil path is something else. You won't be disappointed.

egidem2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

I loved and platinumed the first one.

I'm ashamed and disappointed in myself that I haven't even picked up a copy of the second one. I need, NEED to find time and play this sequel!!

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Gitaroo2221d ago

patching up the glitch that give you free power? Why would I patch my game? lol

2221d ago
X-Zone2221d ago

Awww they fixed the powers glitch :( I was going to use that the next time i played for epic win :(

thespaz2220d ago

Loooooove this game!

I'm getting the Hero Edition soon!