Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues Review

ELB: "The latest DLC installment to the Mojave Wasteland takes players to a new location, the Big Empty, a technological graveyard filled with old world treasures from before the nuclear apocalypse. Like all of New Vegas’ DLC packs, Old World Blues raises the level cap by 5..."

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nopunctuation2556d ago

I would get these but im already past level 30 with no dlc at all. Im currently at evel 35 and still going. Maybe its a glitch but im going to see how high i can get. Maybe it goes to 99 lol.

newhumanbreed2556d ago

My stupid dog bit through my wires and I haven't replaced them, so I have no way of getting this LOL

Prototype2556d ago

This one and Honest Hearts are good ones; Dead Money I only played through once and not again (didn't care for it).

*Spoiler* By the way high science, speech, intelligence, and barter is almost a must to successfully complete it. *End Spoiler*

Has anyone confirmed how far the levels go? I'm currently halfway to level 50 on the PS3 version and read some players went past 55+.