Playstation Move Ape Escape Review - JPS

"Ape Escape started back in 1999 as a way for Sony to show off their new Dualshock technology to gamers everywhere. What started out as a mere tech-demo turned into a fun and addicting game that gave players humor and unique gameplay due to the requirement of a Dualshock controller to play. After multiple sequels and spin-offs, we have finally landed in 2011 where Sony has released a new title that uses the abilities of the Playstation Move." - JPS

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Bigpappy2372d ago

I think they were trying to grab some kids with this one. But if they want to do that I recommend a new IP.

jbl3162372d ago

This would have been a better game if it was a full proper Ape Escape title. On-rails is not what an Ape Escape game should be like.

Raven_Nomad2372d ago

Another killer app for the PS Move!

sickbird2372d ago

i really cant wait for this motion controller fad to be over. I have move it works but nothing beats the standard controller.