New Resistance 3 Gameplay From X-Play

Insomniac Creative Dir. Marcus Smith joined Morgan Webb and Blair Herter for an exclusive look at new footage taking place in an Appalachian setting.

The video includes looks at new weapons, co-op and mp, and more.

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firemassacre2405d ago

well done insomniac, resistance 3 looks to be one of the best shooters of the year. truly amazing. i am honored. god bless you.

2405d ago
joydestroy2405d ago

i wasn't going to pick this up but this video just sold me. day1 for sure dude. that was so awesome =D

Dart892405d ago

Man the chimera are some of the best A.I. i've ever seen in a game next to KZ.

LarVanian2405d ago

Marcus Smith has done an amazing job with the direction of this game. I'm actually quite glad that Ted Price passed the torch onto him.

user83971442405d ago

He is doing great but I miss Ted though.

Spenok2405d ago

I have to agree. Ted knows whats he's doing, and he is also great. But he passed he torch to the right person for sure.

crazyturkey2405d ago

I wonder if Hale will appear as an enemy or stay dead for good.

user83971442405d ago

The beta is awesome, I have been playing it alot. I can't wait for this game.

MidnytRain2405d ago

Me, too. My weapon of choice is the Mutator. Some call it a gimmick, but I LOVE IT!

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The story is too old to be commented.