Producer Talks StarHawk Development

Recently we got to sit down with the Starhawk Senior Producer Harvard Bonin at a New York event. We asked him a few questions regarding the development and we were quite surprised about some of the answers regarding one of 2012′s most anticipated Playstation 3 exclusives.

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ShadyDevil2558d ago

Starhawk is now on my list as 2012's must have game on PS3. Bar none.

2558d ago
clearelite2558d ago

My most anticipated game on any system.

lpfisher2558d ago

So they're taking their time on it? Awesome. This is definitely going to be a must-buy

BitbyDeath2558d ago

"Bonin was proud to tell us that “Starhawk is 50% into development and that there is still a lot to do."

Looking at what exists already in the game i would think it'd be closer to 70%.

This'll also be my 2012 GOTY

rekcahdam2558d ago

Glad to know they're doing right by this title. Hate rushed titles...

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