‘Twisted Metal Will Have No Install’ Says Producer

We recently got to play Twisted Metal for the first time at a New York City event and we were completely happy with what it has turned into. A large scale open battlefield for the Twisted array of cars that can destroy the majority of the environment at will. So we were wondering with this type of game there is usually an install. We asked Producer Drew Bradford and we were simply surprised by the answer.

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ShadyDevil2557d ago

No install is more than fine with me :). Good job Eat Sleep Play and David Jaffe

jeseth2557d ago

But Teh PS3 is SOOOO hard to Develope forrrzzzz!

Chaos692557d ago

Uncharted 3 Beta had no loading at all, if that's because it was installed then please give us the choice to install or not!

solar2557d ago

what in gods' name does that have anything to do with this thread? game installs have to do with the slow read time of Blu-Ray, not how stupid Sony is for making a limited life console difficult to program for. please tell me you were being sarcastic....

van-essa2557d ago

Should be optional. Some of us don't mind installing as far it speeds up loading times...

jeseth2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Of course it was sarcastic. Its funny to hear some devs complain about PS3 but others have no problem at all.

Lighten up.

firelogic2557d ago

The difference in read times for bluray and dvds are roughly the same. I'm tired of people just saying bd is slow without knowing the facts. BD has a uniform read spead, no matter where the data is located, ie. on the outside, middle, or towards the centre. It's the same across the disc.

DVDs however vary. Slowest on the outside, faster as you move towards the centre. Averaging it out, the difference in speed is negligible.

Aggesan2557d ago

I never really cared about installs. Usually I have been waiting so long for games that the time for the installation is microscopic in comparison.

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beast242tru2557d ago

i think i'll give this game a shot never played any of the others before

ShadyDevil2557d ago

Same, but the gameplay is fun and fast. Think Calling all Cars..except with mega ultimate weapons and MUCH larger maps

lpfisher2557d ago

As long as it's silky smooth, I don't care if it installs or not, but Good on them for doing their job well.

firemassacre2557d ago

keep the game running good and im fine with that.

TheLastGuardian2557d ago

Lol is that you in your avatar? I need to get an av like that. Bong rips make everything better.

Back on topic, Hmm, what more can I say about Twisted Metal? I think it'll be my GOTY maybe even my new favorite game ever. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't buy it. Twisted Metal is back! Let's hope it's here to stay.

Imikida2557d ago

Yeah, I loved twisted metal 2 and 3 and 4 (despite there corniness and being made by 989) and I think twisted metal black was my favorite ps2 game probably tied with gta sa

air12557d ago

What! Twisted metal news from inside source and it's not from twitt tantrum jaffe?!

Damn TTJ! Too busy talking about other games....

2557d ago
Imikida2557d ago

If you have nothing nice to say dont say it, he opens his mouth once and hes now twitt tantrum jaffe? What about cliff bezenski?(guessing your an xbox fanboy)

air12557d ago

You kids and your fanboy bs!

Cliffy has interview tantrums.. Thing is this has nothing to do with with CIT this is about a game that jaffe is working on himself.

If this was gears I would have said the same about cliffy but it's not.

jaffe has had more then one twitt tantrum, it's not my fault the truth bothers u and the 12 others.

God forbid you say anything negative with anything related to Sony around here.

Jaffe has twitt tantrums and you know it.

Imikida2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

I'm not afraid to deny he has problems everybody does, but thats over with now its not up on the front page any more its old news and you bringing it up now is just kind of unnecessary, and I thought you were an xbox fanboy, because ps3 fans don't usually make fun of creator of the own console they play on for something in the past, you would expect that from a "hater".

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