Nintendo 3DS Storms Weekly Japanese Charts

Nintendo saw its 3DS handheld console double in hardware sales this week, selling nearly as much as the PSP and PlayStation 3 combined, according to the Japanese dedicated video game charts.

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dedicatedtogamers2222d ago


Oh boy.

Pay attention, folks. THIS is the way our beloved gaming journalists twists numbers.

"3DS sales have doubled in Japan!"

Yeah, but the numbers are still terrible.

AWBrawler2221d ago

how exactly is this twisting?

Myst2222d ago

What game came out for it? Had to be something interesting or something in the future that looks interesting.

Misterhbk2221d ago

Star Fox released in Japan.

Myst2221d ago

Ah I see slightly makes sense. Thanks

charmer2221d ago

just like i said 3ds is about to take off....the games are coming goodbye psp and vita....nintendo will once again win the next generation war.