Recording Gameplay Confirmed for Battlefield 3 - BattleRecorder - Global BF Community Manager

Global Battlefield Community Manager confirms "BattleRecorder" for Battlefield 3.

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Dart892279d ago

So is this like theater mode??

MidnytRain2279d ago

I hope so. We need an easy way to share our Battlefield Moments.

Criminal2279d ago

The other day, I shot down two choppers in one round with engineer class RPGs, and I really wanted to save these moments. Can't wait for Battlefield 3.

-Alpha2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

You can take a snapshot by holding select+start on PS3 for BC2

But I don't know if they ever fixed their website to allow us to view those pics on

-Alpha2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Yes, that's exactly what BR is, and it has been in past BF games too (or at least BF2)

Criminal2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"You can take a snapshot by holding select+start on PS3 for BC2." - Thanks for the tip.
Helpful bubble up, not like you need it, but you deserve it. ;)

Ducky2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Well, demo recording has been in PC games for a long time.
It just that there weren't any integrated tools for editing recorded clips, so you had to render them out then use video editing programs.

So yea, it kind of was in BF2 the same way Theater mode was in CoD4 (The PC CoDs have had demo-recording too). =x

lugia 40002279d ago

This is getting better everyday. MW3 looking worse everyday.

Criminal2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Well, Battlefield 3 is definitely getting better everyday, but to be fair, we almost know nothing about MW3 multiplayer. Anyway, I'm getting both for sure.

evrfighter2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

to be fair cod has always had the option to record rounds through the console...well except for mw2. It's required in league play in case there are disputes over hacking. If you can't provide your demo your team must forfeit that win.

BF recorder is more streamlined though.

the same goes for just about all fps games before it got big on console. Just another feature that came standard on pc fps games for many many years.

xtheownerzx2279d ago

wow this is great. I might actually pick this game up.


BF3 the game that just keeps on giving.....

After The bad company series I was dissapointed by everything is falling into place so nicely, Co-op, Campaign, biggest content packed multiplayer around, vehciles, destruction and now a theatre mode......


-Alpha2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

"BattleRecorder is DICE's answer to Call of Duty's Theatre Mode."

No it's not. BattleRecorder is DICE's answer to BattleRecorder

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