Solomon Grundy will also be present in Batman: Arkham City

DSOGaming writes: "Do you remember the zombie supervillain of Batman called Solomon Grundy? If so, get ready as this undead monstrosity will also be present in Batman: Arkham City."

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Dart892433d ago

Holy sh#t this game just got real.

This game has my pick for GOTY along with many others.

Chaostar2433d ago

I've always saw Grundy as an undead Incredible Hulk :)

That episode of Justice League Unlimited where Shayera has to kill him is pretty sad.

OT: He should make for an interesting addition to the game.

Sonyslave32433d ago

In the comic Shayera would get smash by Grundy he just too strong.

despair2433d ago

I wish people wouldn't put that info in the title of their articles...I'm avoiding everything on Batman AC but I still visit N4G and those kinds of things would be awesome to find out in the game when playing...ah well guess some of them can't be helped.

despair2433d ago

I didn't say that but it would be nice if the title doesn't say flat out who we would be seeing in the game, at least some surprises as to enemies or even allies would be nice. Not everyone likes to see all info on a game and its not like I'm actively looking for it as its on N4G and hard to miss.

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The story is too old to be commented.