Pixelitis: Journey beta impressions (PS3)

Pixelitis staff writer Patrick Kulikowski was lucky enough to get into the Journey beta. Head over to to see what he had to say.

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The Matrix2431d ago

So is Journey only playable in multiplayer?

PixelitisBlog2431d ago

No, there is a single player. However, if you play the game while connected to PSN, other people can join your world.

MastaMold2431d ago

I want this game can't wait

MeatAbstract2431d ago

Sounds like a very interesting and relaxing game. Nice to see developers taking a note from FromSoftware and trying the online capabilities in new and strange ways.

Hicken2431d ago

I wouldn't say that. TGC has always done things in a different way. You couldn't say either of their previous outings were copies of anything else. This is just the natural evolution of their amazing ideas.