Eight new characters for Street Fighter X Tekken

New cinematic trailer reveals another 4 characters: Hugo, Haggar, Cody, and Guy, on top of the four announced earlier today.

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Yi-Long2555d ago

... I hope they include the japanese voices as an option like they did with Super Street Fighter 4.

cemelc2555d ago

Nice list now all i have to do is wait for the complete version 6 month after release and im all good

oli2555d ago

thats what i'am doing, i thought they only did that with street fighter, but after mvsc3 im not going to buy a capcom fighting game day 1 again

hadouken0072555d ago

Yeah that's what I'm going to do, I got ripped off with mvc3, capcom blows.

chidori6662555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

WTF poison? please GTFO this shemale of this game.

Tony-Red-Grave2555d ago

actually the live stream confirmed its a she since hitting a she male is an act of hate.

TheTwelve2555d ago

Bubbles, Red Grave. Lol

RockmanII72555d ago

You don't like the character because of a choice they made with their body? Stay classy N4G.

killerhog2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Poison was initially suppose to be shemale but capcom scrapped it and made her backstory 100% female last I recall

Prototype2555d ago

Why does everyone think Poison's a shemale? Before wikipedia Poison/Roxy were both female, now all of the sudden Wikipedia says shemale, now everyone says shemale...

MassOnesumis2555d ago

Ono said that in Japan Poison is a shemale while in North America shes " post-op transsexual"

This was in EGM article a while back.

Focker4202555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Because Wikipedia =/= the truth

Oh and Poison is 100% female, no doubt about it.

Myst2555d ago

I thought it was all changed and screwed up because the act of hitting a woman was immoral so they kind of tuned it down with gender swap (Bill? and another name). Honestly I don't know what to believe about poison I'm just going with "Can the person fight well? If so I will look into using that person" :p

Baka-akaB2555d ago

yeah some got it backward . It was always a woman . When localized west she wa changed to a shemale coz it was more ok to beat them , and not females

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DarkBlood2555d ago

in the words of adam sandler "WOOPITY DOO"

big deal if she/he is a shemale that person is still a human all the same

LoaMcLoa2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

And most important: Hot

Man, I better stop thinking like that when I'm in the bars..!

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RockmanII72555d ago

Great Haggar, I have a feeling someone I know is going to buy this now.

Foxgod2555d ago

Cool, now add Maki as well :D
Street fighters are getting help from final fighters, perhaps tekken should get some soul calibur support :)

Focker4202555d ago

Best game would be...

Tekken vs. Soul Calibur vs. Street Fighter vs. Dead or Alive vs. Virtua Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

If only it were possible

DragonKnight2555d ago

It is. It's called Mugen. Download it now.

killerhog2555d ago

Man eff this Hugo and haggard will destroy king and murdoc and if armor king wants some, the Russian assassin or tornado, bear..? what ever the eff they calling zangief will give him some.

Lyr1c2555d ago

Oh we'll see about that ;)

Maybe Murdoc.....But no one takes down King

killerhog2555d ago

They had to two-on-one Hugo and use a blunt object. Says a Loy hug has the strength of all of them combined

Lyr1c2555d ago

I mean...When your opponent is the size of a small house, what other option do ya have?

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