PSNStores: LIMBO Review

"It’s often horrific, sometimes soothing, but always fantastic. A trip to the edge of hell is about as enthralling as it sounds."

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FACTUAL evidence2437d ago

It is pretty good. I bought it day one on ps store. I was surprised how short the game is though, especially after you memorize the puzzles. I got it for 11.99$ with ps+, but IMO it still wasn't worth it. A 7.50$ price would fit limbo perfectly though. It's fun, and beautiful.

TheLastGuardian2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

I just tried the Limbo demo. It was alright but the gameplay was too simple for me. I've heard nothing but good things except that it takes 2-4 hours to beat. That's way to short to charge $15.

I recommend getting Outland instead, it's only $10. It's taken me 15 hours to get to The Sisters (final boss). Outland is my favorite digital only game ever.

I haven't even played the co-op challenges yet and I stil have some grinding to do for the Millionaire and Collector trophies. Outland has better gameplay and art style than Limbo imo and it lasts alot longer.

Ramas2437d ago

waited 1 year for this game, now i have all trophies apart one, i think you can guess which :)