An Image To Demonstrate Capcom’s Recent F*** Ups

An image to illustrate how Capcom have messed up recently.

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ZeroChaos2553d ago

Capcom. So far you have fallen ._.

BubbleSniper2553d ago

haha. nice "article" the image perfectly sums up what Capcom has been about this gen. We need more of these for the rest of the companies.

colonel1792553d ago

I wonder how a Square Enix one would look like.

The_Devil_Hunter2553d ago

It sucks to because last gen they were the best devs for me. I loved almost all games they released on the PS2.

fatstarr2552d ago

Basically sellouts,
if it doesnt make a profit dont make it/ localize / release it

and milk milk milk
they are below square enix right now

definitely tied with activision or getting there

ultimate mvc3 lmfao ur kidding right.

Technical World2553d ago

Not all of these are that big of a problem and some Capcom isn't alone on. Nintendo has more localization issues than them. DR 2 Lite, if you didn't want to pay for it than don't, why does it matter to you? They could of just not had a demo. Killing off a character? Every series does it at some point and he'll probably come back. Rehash? Have you played Call of Duty? Erasing a save? A ton of games do that so why are people complaining now? The only big problem I see is the two canceled games with no legit excuse. No fanbase? Shame Capcom, SHAME.

RockmanII72553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Name one other game this gen where you couldn't erase your save file

squallheart2553d ago

Wow i never knew you couldnt erase your save file why in the blue hell wouldnt they allow it o.o im also pissed about the whole marvel vs capcom issue.

snipes1012553d ago

@squall...there was a rumor floating around that they dont want to lose money due to used game sales. Because if you bought that used, you would not be able to start a new game or anything, you'd be stuck with whatever the last person to own the cart did. Knowing this, it would be hard to imagine that many used copies would sell or even be taken by many game shops as a trade in.

Technical World2549d ago

Have you played a DS??? Alot of the original DS games have this same problem. This is a dumb example but Sonic Rush on the DS does this.

Quagmire2553d ago

I'm glad, coz words alone can not describe how utterly bullshit of a publisher Capcom have become this generation.

KillerPwned2553d ago

I love this picture its so true :)

chidori6662553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

they forget put in this pic the resident evil make for slant six...

What a horrible company Crapcom is.. -___-

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The story is too old to be commented.