Star Wars Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect Bundle Details For Australia


"Is the Force strong with this one?

Microsoft has just announced at Comic Con in San Diego that there will be a Limited Edition Xbox 360 Kinect bundle that takes its inspiration from Star Wars.

And yes it is coming to Australia."

Full details, video, and pics inside

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BadCircuit2375d ago

Soooo cool, but AUD$150 more for Australians, when our dollar is worth more than the US$??????

Proeliator2375d ago

Yeah, but stuff in Oz is typically much more than over here in the States.

New games here are $60USD, versus I believe $100AUD?

Micro_Sony2375d ago

Would have preferred a Dark Vader Black Console that says" Luke I am you father" ever time I turn it on.

Or a Chewbbaca Brown console would do.

Belgavion2375d ago

Controller is cool. Console is a bit meh

BadCircuit2375d ago

I wonder if fingerprints will smudge the gold? Love the cool R2 D2 sounds though.

gaminoz2375d ago

It's hard to tell if the console and controller are tacky or good. I liked the second Halo console and controller, but my kids would go nuts over this one. The wire decal under the gold is kind of a cool touch.

gaminoz2375d ago

Were you being sarcastic because of how much we have to pay? Yes it's a curse: our games are almost twice as much and the console is over $100 more, and our dollar is better. One of those WTF things.

If you are being serious, it's coming out in the US too...for cheaper.

bwazy2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

I like Goooooooooooold

And blue

m232375d ago

lol, austin powers.

johnsonbat2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Haha call me' sad but I want this. How do I get it in the house past the wife?

CobraKai2375d ago

hide it behind pictures of family

johnsonbat2375d ago

Haha, so when the wife asks "what's that beeping sound?" I'll reply "dont worry, it's just a few minoks chewing on the power cables".

CobraKai2375d ago

and if she does find out, always start with; "You know it's a funny story....."

johnsonbat2375d ago

....and maybe I could get John Williams to swing by with his orchestra and play that bit of music from the scene when Luke is looking out across the desert for effect.

gaminoz2375d ago

Have some kids!

I'm going to use the "but the kids would love it" line and see what happens. Kids tend to get the priority!

johnsonbat2375d ago

I have a 3 month old so his little hands aren't big enough to hold the gold C3PO control. However I could say that it comes with an optional 'Jedi Mind Controller' he could use instead.

2375d ago
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