'Angry Birds' aims for 1 billion fans

CNN) -- Just how big is mobile game phenomenon "Angry Birds"?

Players have slingshotted more than 100 billion virtual birds in the game's many versions, more birds than actually exist on the planet.

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The Matrix2556d ago

I've played this game...and I don't see what the big deal is about it.

egidem2555d ago

What's even worse is that the developers are way in over their heads about this game. They think that they are gods or something. They think that it can do anything/take down anything. A movie is in the works for god's sake, an angry birds movie!!

They also claim that console games are dying...haha, such fools. :) (

Szarky2555d ago

Lets see their next game, oh wait... they probably won't release anything else and just milk this franchise until the cow is dry.

MaxXAttaxX2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )


I've already played a few other games like it before this came out the iPhone/smartphones.

jerethdagryphon2556d ago

its a bit like portal or mirrors edge its a thinking game as much as action

portal in the same physics based puzzles

mirrors edge in that it takes precision to do the time trial, or to clear a level thats difficult tiny changes can effect the out come its chaos theroy in motion

Szarky2555d ago

really stretching it there with that comparison, ha

Dwalls11712555d ago

For a 99¢ game it should have 10 billion fans

2555d ago
hiredhelp2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

this game have sold more than most AAA TITLES. crackers but RIO still the best
@ the disagree. mearly stating the obvious not bashing just stating how a simple machnicle game can be so addictive and popular that had soo many hits.

by the way i didnt like seasons. but do want more angury birds please.

@lodossrage true $0.99 cant moan at that.

lodossrage2555d ago

not that hard to do when your product is either $0.99 or even free.

MaxXAttaxX2555d ago

A $0.99 mini game sells more than AAA(I assume you speak of console games)?

You make it sound like that somehow makes the game better.

hiredhelp2555d ago

No NathanExplosion . im talking about the game in general i own it on my ipad.

the game wasnt made just on consoles.
i think you reading too much into what i am saying and making something from nothing. Aint gonna happen here sir!

SuperSaiyan42555d ago

On the Windows 7 Phone it costs £2.29!! Thats around $3.80!! I guess i'll stay away.

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The story is too old to be commented.