Review: 3.5/5 for Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games from GamePro

It only takes a few minutes of playing Mario & Sonic at the Olympics to understand that this isn't so much a game as it is a marketing tool to promote the upcoming 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

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MK_Red4060d ago

Sonic and Mario deserve a much better game to star together than this. 3.5/5 is way too high. It's more like 3.5/10.

Prismo_Fillusion4060d ago

As much as I hate your Wii bashing in general, I'm going to have to agree on this one. This game never looked appealing to me. The graphics always looked sub-par (even for the Wii, yes), and in general Olympic games are boring. Olympic mini-games are known to be some of the most boring in existence.

Until Nintendo makes a Mario/Sonic RPG the only good game with both characters will be SSBB.

BrotherNick4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Wii bashing is fine as long as you have logical reasons behind it. I think that the arguments make sense. MK_Red, have you tried this game? Do you know it's a 3.5/10? A lot of people here bash games without any experience of playing it. Have you played the games on the wii that you bash? If you're going to rate games you should try it out first rather than relying on your biases.

Edit: The other fanboys reminds me of guys who don't want to look stupid for playing the wii, but look even more stupid cause they are too insecure to laugh at themselves.

Rooftrellen4060d ago

I haven't gotten the chance to play this game, like you, MK, but what about it was so bad, in your experiance, that it should have gotten its score cut in half? I won't even bother renting it when it comes out, if its that bad.

I'm looking forward to this game, myself. I might not buy it, but I do want to play it. 3.5/5 is a 7/10, which isn't good, but its not bad. With reviews like this, its just a rental for a few play sessions between the flood of games comming in the next 2 months, but if someone who knows better says it more like a 3.5/10, its probably not even worth that.

MK_Red4060d ago

I have played Wii because I work in a local game magazine. Zack & Wiki is the sole reason I'm buying Wii in 2 weeks.
As for Sonic and Mario, if you had played the demos shown in previous conventions, you knew that there was no way to redeem this game and improve it. It was terribely boring, worse than Wii Sports.

As for my hate for Wii, it is because of it's high price compared to it's value. There is hardly $100 worth of tech in it and Nintendo is charging for 250! My other problem is that Wii is helping casual gaming overtake hardcore. Don't say it's not happening, even Wii's hardcore games are selling less compared to casual ones. Have you seen / played Carnival Games? It's on top 10 according to Next-Gen's list!
And other studios are following, if they come to believe that money is in casual, they'll drop most of serious games and focus on mini-games and stuff like EA Playground, Boogie and such.

My hate4 for Wii aside, it has pretty awesome games. Zack & Wiki is easily among the best of 2007 as it Metroid Prime 3. Original Rayman Rabbids was awesome and so was the Elebits. Haven't had a hands on with Wii but it looks to be another AAA game for Wii. They are great but what about the games that I really care about?
Assassins, UT3, COD4 and many others are the games that I really love and care about. They are coming for PC, PS3 and 360. Wii is going a totally different way and it's a casual one.

In the end, I hate 2 things about Wii: 1.It's high price (Compared to it's value and what it offers) 2.It's casual target. (Can't even begin to describe how much I hate WiiFit. I hate WiiFit as much of a war criminal, a terrorist and such... . It's an insult to gaming that I love.)

DeckUKold4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

but this game i hope don't sell one copy it's the worst sonic and mario game ever

Edit:MK red you are seriously loving that zack and wiki

ItsDubC4060d ago

You do know that Raving Rabbids, which you are a fan of, is a casual title, right?

MK_Red4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I know rabbids is a casual game but it's kind of a hardcore casual and a great party game from maker of original Rayman and Beyond Good & Evil.
As for Zack & Wiki, I seriously love it and I suggest everyone to give it a try. This game was enough to convince a Wii hater like to buy one! Z&W is like combining a classic NES/ SNES game with the classic adventure of Monkey Island into one totally next-gen game.
Also, Z&W along with MP3:C are the first game to perfectly and meaningfully use Wiimote instead of crazy moves like Rabbids and WarioWare.

BrotherNick4060d ago

I think that there will always be a spot for beautiful graphics...the Halo 3 launch shows that there is still amazing demand for something high on the graphical scale (it's an example, don't take it personally anyone). The casual market I believe will make more people exposed to the hardcore games that most of us truly love. Plus I think this is great for the indie developers, not everyone is willing to be bought out by a big name company...they want their own shot to become an EA or Ubisoft, and the wii is a better stepping stone. As for the big dev companies now, they haven't been able to make a game that stands out for the wii except Capcom. About WiiFit, I think this is the evolution of the console. Think of what it does for us takes our mind off reality, now add that to the fact of being fit? That will bring more people into gaming...this is probably the best time to start creating games as it becomes more acceptable. One day gamers will become the total package when getting girls, cause they are fit, and successful at solving problems in the workplace.

solar4060d ago

why is it that casual games are so threatening to you? you know the Wii is all about casual games, and ya..the casual games are selling more then the hardcore games. i bought MP3, it was awesome. im biting my finger nails waiting for SMB and SSBB. but the casual games will imho sell better on the casual gamers system then the hardcore ones. no need to be so angry buddy :D

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solar4060d ago

"Sonic and Mario deserve a much better game to star together than this."

like SSBB :D

Marceles4060d ago

I remember some guy at Nintendo saying he's looking forward for this game to take over during Christmas. Sorry man, but gamers already know in their heads how this game will turn's the most anticipated crossover probably in gaming history and it's in the form of an olympic game, or as gamepro put it "a marketing tool". To sum it up, everyone's waiting for Smash Bros Brawl...this might be cool for the younger crowd who are just now being introduced to Mario and Sonic and absolutely love them, but I can't see a vet Mario and Sonic player picking this up unless they're total hardcore fans. Mario Galaxy will take over the holidays guaranteed over this.

solar4060d ago

right on Marceles. couldn't have said it better myself.

ItsDubC4060d ago

Sega has been saying that this game will sell like hotcakes this holiday season but I don't think anyone on this site doubted the fact that it would be a mediocre release. If this game sells a lot of copies, it'll only be due to the Mario, Sonic, and Olympic affiliation.

Rooftrellen4060d ago

You're right, but never doubt what two big names on one game can do.

I still think this game will be flirting with a million before its all said and done, just because its Mario and Sonic.

If they never made the game and put a blank DVD in the case, it would still sell.

ItsDubC4060d ago

Agreed, Mario, Sonic, and the Olympics are big names that the masses simply cannot ignore.

It'd be like if the NBA sold Olympics-edition basketballs w/ a picture of Jordan and Magic painted on them.

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