Twisted Metal Should Have Mortal Kombat-like Hype

Gaming Irresponsibly writes: Recently, we here at Gaming Irresponsibly, reported on comments made by David Jaffe in regards to the overwhelming hype Battlefield 3 is currently receiving. While we are extremely excited for Battlefield 3, we feel that Twisted Metal has not received the fan fare that we believe it should. The new reboot of the popular PSOne franchise looks to be a great game, and more people really should be excited about it. Let’s give a brief rundown of the most popular vehicular combat sires ever.

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silencedwriter2530d ago

Why isn't this game more hyped?

Cereal2530d ago

Because they turned Mr. Grimm into a witch doctor and expect people to care about the story behind his character.

DarkTower8052530d ago

I think there has ben too many years in between Black and this new one. it went out of the minds of many.

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MsclMexican2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

Because most people who played twisted back in the day got a 360 first because it was the newest console at the time. Now that there is a new twisted, they remember nostalgia from there childhood.

Problem is that today, current Ps3 owners care more about COD and battlefield to even care about Twisted. Even Uncharted 3 has less hype than both games on the sony side.

This is sad but true, in the lastest Playstation Magazine

The most anticipated games of the readers went in this order, Its from June but still disappointing to read

2)BF 3
3)Final Fantasy XIII-2
4)Final Fantasy XIV
5) Madden NFL 12
6) Uncharted 3
7)Twisted Metal
8)Batman Arkham City
9)Resistance 3
10)Need for Speed: The Run
11) Bioshock Infinite
12) Rachet and Clank: All 4 One
13) Mass effect 3
14) Duke Nukem
15) FEAR 3
16) Max Payne 3
17) NCAA Football 12
18) Ico/Shadow of the Colossus
19)Dead Island
20) Elder Scrolls IV: Skyrim

Honestly PS3 fans need to be more loyal to the developers bringing them amazing games exclusively to them rather than falling for the same song and dance Activision keeps delivering

kreate2530d ago

why is it disappointing?

Cal6642530d ago

Shows how much a lot PS3 owners know about the games that are actually gonna be any good. MW3 will suck just like the other two samey gameplay and terrible story.

Ravens202530d ago

It's the same case for the 360, Nobody even plays Halo anymore, well they do, but not nearly as much as when Halo 3 came out.

With good reason though I think the game is shit.

Anyways point is, its a fact that casuals are where the majority of game sales come from. Thats why shooters like MW3 and BF3 get most of the sales

What surprises me is number 4 & 5, I would expect, ANY of the other games on that list to be more anticipated than those two.

TheDivine2530d ago

Idk looks decent but i was really dissapointed in black and every twisted metal past 2 i believe. It was great when it was new on psx playing with friends but the series never kept up with the times.

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agentxk2530d ago

As a reboot, there is plenty of opportunities that they can take. The story in Black was great. I hope that they take a similar approach

firemassacre2530d ago

i havent a snowball in hells idea.

agentxk2530d ago

Probably because TM's last game was good and the last few MKs were garbage. People probably expect more of the same with TM. Mk could only get better

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newleaf2530d ago

that doesn't even make any sense. ???

BitbyDeath2530d ago

I'm not hyped for it cause of Starhawk but i will still be getting it day 1.

Cal6642530d ago

Really looking forward to this totally agree it should be getting far more coverage especially when you look at what Mortal Kombat got it was a great game but still a Mortal Kombat.

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