GotGame: Red Orchestra 2 Interview with Tripwire Interactive's President, John Gibson

At a recent event held by the company 1C, Blake Morse from GotGame, got the chance to drink and chat it up with Tripwire Interactive's President, John Gibson about their upcoming multiplayer pc shooter- Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad

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ForTheFallen2557d ago

Drunk interviewer. Awkward lulz.

BeastlyRig2557d ago

A true PC game! I will by this before bf3..

bumnut2556d ago

This game will put hairs on your cock.

Bonerboy2557d ago

Man the interviewer is a total annoying slob loser. Drunk people suck.

Cant wait for this! Finally a game that all the annoying COD kids wont want to bother with.
R.O. Ost-front was fantastic and this looks to improve on it all.
EEEEeeeee Good by life.

caboose322557d ago

I feel bad for the guys at Tripwire. It seems like they tend to get a lot of interviews from people that have no clue what they are doing or saying.

BioDemon-2550d ago

Interviewer is tanked. I feel sorry for the dude getting interviewed.