Street Fighter x Tekken Roster update

Last year Capcom and Namco jointly announced a pair of crossover fighters involving the two companies flagship characters. Capcom has finally shown off their end of the title fight with Street Fighter X Tekken (the "X" is pronounced "cross"). While Capcom isn't spilling the full character roster beans just yet, they've announced the first 10 characters, which we've included below. As Capcom announces more additions to the final roster, which promises to number "in the dozens" according to the publisher, we'll update this list. Be sure to check back here during E3 and beyond!

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Yi-Long2530d ago

... I hope they include the japanese voices as an option like they did with Super Street Fighter 4

Quagmire2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I hope they include a native voice option for this game, where the Japanese characters speak japanese, chinese characters speak mandarin, the british/americans characters speak english, like how it is in ALL Tekken games.

violent80sarcade822530d ago

On the Street Fighter side i wan't, Fei-Long,Yang/Yun,Guy,Elena,Ro lento & Hugo. Tekken i wan't Law,Lee,Tiger,Lei and Bruce.