10 things about Skyrim that might suck

11. 11. 11. 1111111! Hooh! Haah! You can practically hear millions of gamer geeks chanting at their desks, viewing screenshots, hands on their.. uhh.. mice. 11! Hooh! 11! Haah! 11! Dragonbornnnnnne!

It'll probably sell a bazongajillion copies. And it'll probably be really good. But what if it's not?

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jke822526d ago


come to candy mountain charlie.................

FanboyPunisher2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Look @ Skyrim, then look at all other RPGs in exsistance.

Skyrim wins, hands down

This article is should not of been approved.
I like how you try to defend the article in your comments, sadly it makes you look very pathetic.

Parasyte2526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

I agree. They should stop approving Opinion pieces all together. They dissolve into flame wars eventually anyway.

Danniel12526d ago

YEAH!!! N4G should definately stop placing opinion pieces on their site, just on the off chance You won't like what you're hearing.

The guy made some valid points and whilst I don't aggree with all of them I can still respect his right to voice them.

In short STFU to all the morons who forget the vast majority of stories on this site are opinion pieces.

TheXonySbox2525d ago

Why pussy out and settle for more and more shit, alot of the good articles can be opinion articles, but atleast they arnt bashing for hits and very baseless claims. I read his website and his points arnt even close to being good.

But I guess thats why you just like to bend over and let poor articles flood this website.

Sorry, I disagree and agree with fanboy.
Improve N4G, dont let it keep degrading...

zeal0us2526d ago

10 things about skyrim that might suck

-10) my mom won't allow me to get the game due to an M rating : (
-9) another dumb*** FoxNews "fair" review
-8)Fox turn something smalls as seeing a sideboob and blowing it out of proportion.
7-2) More Fox news/ half-*** reviews
1) Don't have the money to buy the game due to other expenses.

X-DominusRebellis-X2526d ago

The only thing that might suck about Skyrim is not having enough time to play it! Tee hee hee hoo hoo hee!

zeal0us2526d ago

yeah that too,

what really sucks, financial aid is decreasing and tuition for college is increasing.

so basically the money I would be spending for video games and etc now going towards college :(

Doubt fox news would really review the game seeing as nothing controversial is in the game.

TekoIie2526d ago

hopefully there will bemore stuff to do than FF13. Love the game but it was WAY too long and it was hyped up ridiculously...

Tony P2526d ago

There's a huge difference between the comments here and the comments on the source site. Here, people accuse the writer of basically hating.

On the site, they actually provide some arguments as to why he's right or wrong in his opinions.

Being a long time fan of TES, he's got some good points imo.

jessupj2526d ago

Actually one thing that will suck is the level scalling. I thought that outdated shit would have been done away with for good.

I'll still play and enjoy the game, but it's ruined any sense of progression.

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bwazy2527d ago ShowReplies(2)
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Kran2527d ago

I aint dissing this game. All i will say is be careful with the hype.

You all saw what happened with Dragon Age II. Look how that turned out.

Just dont go over your heads...

Cpt_kitten2527d ago

but that was bioware and it was easy to see that coming when they said during mass effect 2's development they wanted to make things easier for people to play

v1c1ous2526d ago

but cpt_kitten

bethesda also said the same thing about skyrim :C

artynerd2526d ago

Please don't even compare a slightly-above-average game like the Dragon Age series to arguable the most solid RPG series ever.

Name one Elder Scrolls game that didn't deliver 10 times what other RPGs promise? If you want some cliche/sappy story filled with androgynous characters in a fantasy future imagined by middle-aged men still thinking RPGs haven't changed since the SNES days, then go play that rails-RPG series, Final Fantasy, and let the game dictate 97% what happens to you.

Bethesda, IMHO, makes the absolute best RPGs. No comparison. I want to play a ROLE, not be told exactly where to go and what to do all the time.

Pikajew2527d ago

Bethesda has been doing like shit lately. So people should turn down the hype and forget about the game and get it when it comes out

lMHl2527d ago

Im sorry what has Bethesda done like shit? cause last time i checked the last game they made was fallout 3 and that was amazing, but Im sure a troll like you would say something like Derrr... what about Fallout New Vegas derr.... (obsidian made New Vegas) which was also amazing.

Ser2526d ago

@Horny Melon


I'm sorry, but that answer is incorrect. Splash Damage developed Brink.

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