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MasterD9192525d ago (Edited 2525d ago )

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed a bit.

Sure its fun to have him in there...but he essentially is taking the place of someone far better in the MK universe.

LOGICWINS2525d ago

At first I was like.."YEAAAH"

Then I saw the gameplay and I was like, "Meh"

I think he's the worse of all the DLC characters.

MasterD9192525d ago

It kind of draws you out of the game a bit...I just don't think Freddy works as a MK character.

I can understand Kratos completely but Freddy is just so random and I feel that its just gimmicky.

LOGICWINS2525d ago

Yeah, I was gunna buy all of them eventually, but now I've decided that I'm gunna buy Kenshi tomorrow and wait till Tanya comes out.

Focker4202525d ago

Classic Krueger > New Krueger

I hated how they changed his look sooo much, and sounded nothing like the original.

Giru0172525d ago

Nawh, it would have been gimmicky if he had been a Halloween DLC... just saying.

MasterBlaster2525d ago

You understand Kratos but not Freddy? How does that make sense?

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ABizzel12525d ago

LMFAO. Wow. The trailer would have been better if he did some of his infamous taunting. He was too silent, but this just goes to show fans speak up and devs. will do what they can to get what you want in game, especially when it comes to DLC charactersl

M-Easy2525d ago

Doesn't Freddy only wear 1 glove?

FriedGoat2524d ago

Yes he does only wear one glove.
Guess accuracy doesn't mean anything any more.

Father Time2525d ago

I know heaven forbid they try something new. And of course once they do a certain amount of DLC characters they are forbidden from doing more.

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beast242tru2525d ago

freddy is all in good fun i dnt mind that at all

TruthBTold2524d ago

Exactly, with some of the comments in here complaining about it its like people forget this is a GAME and its supposed to be for fun and entertainment. Some people take video games way to seriously sometimes.