Mass Effect 3 will be 'more action-adventure-y' than ME2

BioWare has told CVG that Mass Effect 3 will be more "action-adventure-y" than its predecessor. However, that won't be at the expense of the series' RPG heritage, the studio promises.

"This is definitely the best chance we have in the series to really break out and go truly blockbuster," BioWare marketing boss David Silverman told CVG.

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GunofthePatriots2371d ago

goodbye to the rpg feel of me1.....sigh

kaveti66162371d ago

You prefer the slow grinding of traditional RPGs, huh?

Bioware is making the series more action-adventurey to capture a larger piece of the console audience. There are more players now who want a fast-paced experience that isn't hampered down by the slow methodology of traditional RPGs.

All you need to worry about is whether the game will be good or bad. Why are you complaining about the game's pace or inventory layout?

A small, insignificant yet very vocal number of people are whining because the game doesn't conform to their idea of what makes an RPG. They don't care if the game is good for what it is. They complain because the game is not what they think it should be.

-Alpha2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

Nearly every time a dev has claimed to do this they always end up diluting the core gameplay experience in sacrifice for the "larger piece of the console audience"

-Dragon Age

Most have made claims to "widen" their product, and its always come at a much bigger cost to the initial fanbase and even to the series. Sometimes it's a PC game losing a ton of content when put on consoles, sometimes its console games just getting streamlined and dumbed down.

And the "action" part always seems to end up with mindless over-the-top battles to make up for a lack of story. To me lately, a lot of these big name games have meshed concepts too similarity shared amongst devs these days

lastdual2371d ago


If Mass Effect was a new IP, you might have a point. But it's not. It's a game that began and grew successful by appealing to fans of RPGs.

Is it bad that those fans have expectations when it comes to a sequel? Of course not. If Kojima said the next Metal Gear was going to be a COD-inspired FPS so as to "appeal to a wider audience", fans would be pissed, and rightly so. Those fans are what build a series into a profitable franchise.

If you're making money off people's expectations, you shouldn't toss those fans to the curb.

kaveti66162371d ago

Well, Alpha, what the hell did you think was going to happen?

The media rained down acclaim on the first Mass Effect and it was hailed as one of the best new IPs this gen, but the sales just did not correlate.

Bioware and EA are in the business of making money.

As to your belief that their actions are making a bad game, well I have to disagree with you. While many will argue that Mass Effect 1 was more "RPG" than Mass Effect 2, none of that bickering changes the fact that Mass Effect 2 was still a critically acclaimed game.

For those of you who were expecting Mass Effect 2 to maintain that traditional RPG semblance, you may have felt disappointed by ME2 because you had different expectations. If you begin playing a game or s sequel with a distinct expectation of how it's going to play out, then that's your problem.


Please don't compare Mass Effect with Metal Gear Solid. The MGS series has been around a long time and it has maintained a certain style of play. Mass Effect WAS a new IP and you guys all assumed that ME2 would be just like ME1. Unlike you guys, I expected Bioware to change a lot of things with ME2 because ME1 sold poorly.

Despite their changes, ME2 hasn't really sold that well either. So it's obvious that Bioware will tweak the series to be even more about action and adventure and less about customization than ever before. Don't blame Bioware, that's all I'm saying.

evrfighter2370d ago (Edited 2370d ago )

so if ME2 was barely an rpg. It's safe to say that ME3 will not be.


sales did just not correlate?

pass me whatever it is you been smokin. You'd like to think that because it wasn't on ps3 but the fact remains. ME1 was successful without it.

kaveti66162370d ago

" You'd like to think that because it wasn't on ps3 but the fact remains. ME1 was successful without it."

Oh, shut the hell up, man.

Unicron2370d ago

Alpha, that was amazingly well said, and I absolutely agree.

Anon19742370d ago Show
NeoTribe2370d ago

Well they did destroy dragon age 2 with there fast paced gameplay. Da1 is superior to da2. I have a feeling they may do it again with mass effect.

Fez2370d ago

So everyone here criticises CoD for not changing and yet want Mass Effect to stay the same... double standards much?

Games have to change or they grow stale, so fans of the game should be happy it is being tweaked... fans of RPGs will probably be less happy but simply shouldn't buy the game.

wedgie2370d ago


You definitely have a point about the new IP. From the article, I was not a fan of this quote:

"It's a natural entry point for new players: giant alien race launches all-out war, you have to rally the forces of the universe to counter and see if you can take them down."

How in the world is the third game in a series a "natural entry point." By this point, I would keep the series true to what made it get this far in the first place, and that started with the RPG elements presented in mass effect 1.

yog-sothot2370d ago

"You prefer the slow grinding of traditional RPGs, huh?"

there is no "grinding" in Baldur's Gate, Fallout, the Witcher or any other of the great WRPGS we've seen for years.

Grinding is mostly something you find in some JRPGs and MMOs...

Disccordia2370d ago

Mass effect was never an rpg anyway even the first one. I'd like to know what people thought made it an rpg? The ability to equip different weapons and levelling up a few abilities? Call of Duty multiplayer has those features.

Like someone else said, all we should be worrying about is whether this will be a good game or a bad game.

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olih17072371d ago

it astounds me the lack of people who read headlines and not the actual articles

"some of the best action games you see today, whilst on top of that adding in these RPG elements that maybe people were upset we didn't focus on as much in Mass Effect 2 - it strikes a balance."

When asked whether the game would have more RPG depth than Mass Effect 2, Silverman commented:

"Absolutely. Hands down. "

not only have they told us on mulitple occasions in almost every interview that the rpg systm will be deepened , they've already shown some of the elements in the gameplay demos if you cared to look closer

Pollak2370d ago

The best part is you are getting disagrees for actually reading the article. As always reading and comprehension are skills not in abundance on N4G.

Shepherd 2142370d ago

Yes, they have said on multiple occasions that they have heard the outcry of deeper RPG elements, so not only have they stepped up the action in ME3, theyve fleshed out the RPG elements more to appeal to their dedicated fans.

solar2371d ago

isnt the correct term "more acessible"? aka dumbing down?

CaptCalvin2371d ago

Or as they say, "streamlining"?

Beahmscream2370d ago

This is exactly what I figured would happen. RIP, Mass Effect

metsgaming2370d ago

hopefully that means they will improve the gunplay and release a demo to show it off.

kamakaz3md2370d ago

who cares, deux ex 3 will be 10x better then any ME game

Megaton2370d ago

If they're claiming this again after ME2 already did this to ME1, should I basically be expecting Gears with a decent script?

I don't know what to think about this game anymore.

Philoctetes2370d ago

ME2 was mainly an action-adventure game. It's kind of hard to move ME3 even more in that direction without removing the RPG elements entirely.

2370d ago
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Nate-Dog2371d ago

orly, never would have guessed from all the Swat rolling, omniblade melee kills, giant controllable mechs and whatnot.

RedDead2371d ago (Edited 2371d ago )

lol. Knew it, and Bioware still try to tell their fans that they are making an Rpg.

jaredhart2371d ago

Yep, is it still an RPG?

Stealth2k2371d ago

no its not an rpg

its an action adventure

didnt you listen to him?

And no dialogue choices doesnt make this an rpg. They removed all the menu stuff.