Final Fantasy XIV - Patch 1.18 Is Out Now

DSOGaming writes: "Square Enix released yesterday a massive patch for their MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV. Among other things, this patch adds new quests & spells and features a reworked combat (auto-attack), UI adjustments and some bug fixes."

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Myst2530d ago

Everything going uphill for this game.

Spenok2528d ago

It really is. This update alone has me playing again, and quite frequently. I cant wait till 1.19. Im stoked to see where this game goes down the line.

Darkseeker2530d ago

No more fatigue system, can grind all you want now.

JAMurida2530d ago (Edited 2530d ago )

I really hope the people playing the game post videos reviewing the patch and what not. I really want to see how the auto-attack system works now. Regardless, it's nice to see that FFXIV news is starting to hit this site again. Nice step into getting the word out that the game is getting better.

dp2774072530d ago

I have the game but havent downloaded the patch I will later today and tell you if it feels any better. I already liked the game though.

Leonesaurus2529d ago

I'm gonna upload everything in the patch, including quests, new gear and the auto-attack system comparing it to the old system. No commentary though but hope it feeds your curiosity! =P Here's my link... I'm Leonesaurus on Youtube~

Gotta go now though! >.< Tons of more editing and recording to do!!! Going to fight some beastmen!!! Woo!

JAMurida2529d ago

Ok, thanks a lot man. I can't wait to get this game when it comes to PS3. I loved the three years I spent with FFXI, and I am looking forward to many years to come with FFXIV.

Thanks again to both people.

tda-danny2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

No vids or anything - I just downloaded the patch and pissed around with it...

Gotta say, the Auto-attack and & cooldown timers (removal of the stamina gauge) are all well done. Watched a video on the final boss for one of the new instances and it looked cool. With all of the class balancing, I think this game is really starting to turn around.

I'm pretty impressed so far! Hopefully 1.19 & 1.20 are of this quality.

dp2774072529d ago

Yea it feels alot better without the stamina gauge, also like how you can equip and unequip gear while still being able to run. I also noticed it seemed like my attacks were more powerful maybe it was just me.

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