Ono teases Darkstalkers revival

Yoshinori Ono teased the eventual revival of Darkstalkers at Comic-Con.

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Inception2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

I don't care what are you teasing SCAMCOM, cause I don't want to caught by u'r trap again (MML 3) ^^

Rainstorm812551d ago

I agree, id suggest not buying it day one because the same year we may get Darkstalkers : Twilight edition 9 months later, with more moves and 10 new characters...

Muletroid2551d ago

super dakstalkers 2 reveal 9 months after this

Inception2551d ago

Yup, can't agree more bro XD

Don't forget the "Ultimate Hyper Arcade HD Edition" XD

jc485732551d ago

sometimes I wonder. If you are a true fighter collector, don't you want to own almost of them as they do differ in some aspects like story mode maybe? I did however end up selling Super Street Fighter IV, since arcade edition includes everything.

Inception2551d ago

No, i'm not a true collector for fighting games who got 2nd, 3rd, or 4th update for the same title (example, i bought SF IV and missed SSF IV and Arcade Edition). For me, it's just wasting money :)

AAACE52551d ago

Ahhh... Darkstalkers! I was one of those few who bought a Sega Saturn and bought Night Warriors and loved it!

Have been hoping for a new one, but fear it just won't be as much fun.

Fingers crossed!

DeleteThisxx2551d ago

Capcom haters, go cry more. I can't wait for Darkstalkers:D

CrescentFang2551d ago

tbh, I'm sure MML3 had much more support than this did in the beginning... or even now...
Since it's a fighter, Capcom will know those who want to buy it and Morrigan has been in basically every Capcom crossover ever made... I know this guy really wants another one made and everyone there probably held up cash, but fans actually helped with the MML3 development... geez I'm throwing Capcom off a cliff until new employment comes around (in ALL regions...)

darfreeze2551d ago

OMG! I want that. I'll get that day 1 an...oh, right, Cashcom.

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