Sony: “Starhawk Isn’t Made For Your Mom… It’s For Gamers” (Video Interview)

Joel Taveras writes, "Yesterday Sony came into town for their holiday preview event in New York City. And even though we went absolutely nuts at the Sony booth at E3, covering pretty much everything there, we just couldn’t get enough information about Starhawk. Luckily, we caught up with Senior Producer Harvard Bonin who was willing to fill us in on everything we needed to know about the upcoming shooter from Lightbox Interactive. Most importantly, why this is going to be a gamer’s game. Make sure to check out the full interview after the jump!"

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waltyftm2529d ago

Thats nice to hear, my mom died 3 years ago and it would be really bad if she tried to play it.

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nopunctuation2529d ago

So people are disagreeing because his mm died? Have they even met her? God, this is why I hate the disagree system.

blumatt2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I'm so excited for this game. I never bought Warhawk, but I'll be picking this up for sure.

And I also agree that the disagree system needs a change. I think all disagrees should require an explanation. It's annoying.

mastiffchild2529d ago

Also, my twelve year old lad read this and pointed me to it because HIS mum(my missus) actually has Starhawk as her most highly anticipated game right now. She still plays a lot of Warhawk and is uber excited for the follow up so they clearly weren't thinking about her, either, when they said this because mus can pwn too!

Seriously, my wife's a far better gamer than I am and better than most guys she plays against online.Good 'Hawker and a GREAT TF2 player-much to my eternal embarrassment.

Personally, I'm hoping they ensure the learning curve is very much like it was for Warhawk as well-still learning even now.

kreate2529d ago

im pretty sure sony was speaking in general.

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Chadness2529d ago

I like how they're so adamant about that point. It shows what one of their goals is going forward too. Of course, they've always been pretty "hardcore", but with Nintendo and now Microsoft focusing heavily on the more casual crowd, I'm glad Sony is making a statement, for both Starhawk and for their platform in general.

NiceGuy1922529d ago

Couldn't agree more. While it's great that Nintendo and Microsoft are trying to expand the gaming market and get more people to play games, I'm a little afraid that they are changing their market instead of expanding it.

JoelT2529d ago

I cannot say and hear enough good things about th is game!

allenhpark2529d ago

Man, they're really pushing the "hardcore" aspect of this one, aren't they?

Thoreau2529d ago

a little poke at kinect

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