PS3 2.0 (Finally some Official Information?)

Just recently on the G.A.P. section of the US Playstation site there has been posted a survey for all G.A.P. members. The survey asks:

"Choose which XMB
(Cross Media Bar) feature
would be most important
to you in a possible PLAYSTATION®Network update:

A) In-game access to PSN messaging
B) Ability to play my own music from the XMB while in-game
C) Larger buddy list and buddy-list features such as categorizing"

Now this, combined with the recent PSP update which offers a feature that may only be used with PS3 FW 2.0 makes for a pretty strong sense that Sony is thinking about releasing the update very soon.

Now this also brings up another worrying issue for the fans hoping to get in-game XMB soon. In the survey it asks to choose only ONE of the following. Does this mean that the complete XMB menu will not be available in-game, and just a portion of it will? Let the speculation begin...

Note: Only G.A.P. members are allowed access to that section, so if you are a member, go check it out (and maybe vote too). If you are Not a member, then I am sorry :P


For everyone who is a little "too" curious, here is an image i uploaded showing the poll:

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Mercutio4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

yh this is nice, im a member but cant acces it i get an error message, In-game Music for me ¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sonarus4060d ago

am happy they have plans for it but releasing firmware 2.0 without all 3 would suck.

kewlkat0074060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Everything else I can already do on the 360.

How about "XMB Backround Music" automatically plays when you turn on the PS3?

My modded Original Xbox with "Avalaunch" did this..On another note no need to vote XBL is way ahead in terms of certain functions now just copy and make gamers happy.

I really would luv that...

mark094060d ago

i think in the end they will have all 3 things, why would you ask people to choose from 3 great features instead of just adding all 3 of them? time restraints is the only thing i could think of.

C_SoL4060d ago

i wanna watch some Gametralier(HD) videos on my PS3.....also how come i can't login N4G on my PS3?

Mikey_Gee4060d ago

I will take A, B and C please.

monkey6024059d ago

For a while I was able to login to N4G on my PS3 but it just randomly stopped working one day, I dont know what happened

Jen5en4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )


The PS3 can't load Active X objects, for protection I guess. It can see links and such. Besides, Game Trailers are running Real Player I believe and Sony haven't made a deal with those guys.

The browser is good for the casual search on the net, and by not loading everything also protects you from viruses (if there are any for PS3).

But yes, I agree with you. It sucks that only YouTube works. However, you can install Yellow Dog Linux and run Firefox.

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MaximusPrime_4060d ago

Thanks for posting the news. im a non-GAP member. :( But it is good to spread it.

Ri0tSquad4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

A) In-game access to PSN messaging - 39%
B) Ability to play my own music from the XMB while in-game - 55%
C) Larger buddy list and buddy-list features such as categorizing - 6%

total votes - 638

whoops someone beat me to it.

C_SoL4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

thats least their asking

mighty_douche4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

is the caption above the whole thing? please answer!

edit: thanks

Stray_Wulf4060d ago

Not sure what youre asking but in order to vote on the survey (or even just see the survey) you have to be a member of the Gamer Advisory Panel (GAP). To become a member, you just basically have to hope Sony sends you an e-mail inviting you to be part of it. Sony basically invites people that have been in the PlayStation Underground for over a year or are very active in the community.

Marceles4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

In-game access to PSN messaging
39% (240 votes)
Ability to play my own music from the XMB while in-game
55% (343 votes)
Larger buddy list and buddy-list features such as categorizing
6% (38 votes)
Total votes: 621

Edit: I hope they put all 3 in the next update...and the ability to attach videos to messages too

Meus Renaissance4060d ago

What?! I hope Sony ignore that then lol. People should be smart with their voting, you can wait for the music. Besides if you really wanted to listen to it, just put on your iPod earphones and mute the television.

Sam Fisher4060d ago

r u serious y not all of the above wow this is fuking retarded

Marceles4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Yeah I voted for the in-game messaging since I use that most on the 360...I use the in-game music for the 360 driving games, and I'd use it for Motorstorm and GT5 if it came to the PS3, but it's not THAT important where I would need that update now.

Marceles4060d ago

I looked for that option but wasn't there :(, I hope they deliver on all of the above at once and make everyone happy instead of just adding one and hearing people at the forums say "what? where's the music?? what??? where's the messaging? huh?? where's the buddy list categorizing?"

bym051d4060d ago

No, because if you mute the TV, you miss out on dialogue and sound effects. If you replace the music with your own, you still get all of the sound effects and dialogue.

mphillip494060d ago

I wish I was a GAP member now. I would vote for in game messaging. I don't have a problem with turning my tv down and turning my stereo up. I have my in game music right there. I have no control over messaging in a game or not.

Kleptic4060d ago

yeah dude is this true?...

the forums and blog is nothing but people wanting in game messaging...I want that the most also...I hope all of this is in an update soon...but I really want in game messaging like 6 months ago...

LosT---SouL4060d ago

and what if you dont have an iPod?


Bits-N-Kibbles4060d ago


I laughed pretty hard at your comment, and also your icon is pretty awesome!

You are cool my friend...

hardcorehippiez4059d ago

and audio would be good to because vista has already messed up my sharing of my music to the pc community. gawd micro you suck - that isnt a dig at the xbox by the way after a rocky start with the 360 the xbox is one thing that micro have done right . i just hate micro and they have shafted a lot of people .

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Meus Renaissance4060d ago

I think we'd all like to access the entire XMB in-game but it doesn't seem like that'll be happening anytime soon, so I'd rather access the Inbox if I had to choose. It's annoying quitting game just to read a message and reply. Then you start the game, it loads then you get a reply!

SmokeyMcBear4060d ago

ive always wondered that.. why in the world do you want access to the entire xmb while in game.. you really want to play a video while playing a game? you want to look at your other games while playing a game? You want to surf the internet or go on the playstation store while playing a game? Do you want to change your network settings or look at system information while playing in a game? You want to look at pictures while playing a game?? geez

Meus Renaissance4060d ago

Actually I wouldn't. For example I want to show a cool trailer to a friend of mine but I don't want to quit the game because I've progressed, so I access the XMB and show him the video!

Or I could take a break for a moment and surf the Internet to check my email or ;)

Why not?

P.S. No to the pictures, I wouldn't need that personally.

Arkham4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

I think the overall desire for in-game XMB access is a general cry mainly for in-game messaging, buddy-list, and music access. If they roll out the major features in separate updates, that'd be fine with me.