Is The End Nigh for Discs?

With digital distribution already the norm for PC gamers using services such as Steam, Origin and Impulse does this signal the end of the good ol’ disc?

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firemassacre2529d ago

no way, there are many gamers who do not even have internet, and even if they get it, you would need very very good DownLoad speed or wait for a long time for your game to download.

ashbc2529d ago

Fair point. I am in the corner of discs. I will miss them if they are lost from gaming altogether.

gamingdroid2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

It's inevitable!

That shift is already happening rapidly and I give it another 5-years for pre-dominant digital downloads and another 5-years for discontinuation completely.

The gaming population is among the most connected, next to mobiles obviously.

I do miss discs, because I love having a collection, hoarding? ;) , and find great deals on clearances games and etc, far better than if bought it digitally.

However, it is what it is!


You know, I have so much Collector's Stuff and frankly I spent too much money on it. It might just be good for me to let it go. All my stuff was bought new. I have ME LE, Gears of War LE, and so on all sealed.

Then sh!t like this comes out:

Xbox 360 with R2D2 sounds!

ashbc2529d ago

I know it's probably going to happen eventually but I can't help but feel sentimental for the technology I grew up with.
I think that if there is more profit available by using discs publishers, being the greedy fucks that we all know they are, are going to continue producing games on them, whether to compliment DD or rival DD is where the matter will get interesting.
I love hoarding my games, hence I rarely trade games in. I certainly hope they are still around in 20 years time even though I can't help but think they wont.

ashbc2529d ago

Haha, I thought I had a problem.
I am a sucker for collectables and limited editions though. Already have my Gears 3 epic edition pre ordered.
Spent money on the halo 3 legendary aswell.

gamingdroid2529d ago

I have MW2 console, Halo: Reach console + Legendary Ed, and pre-ordered Gears 3 console.

Also have the MGS4 LE PS3


kreate2529d ago

ya. physical copies will always co-exist along with digital media.

just like how movies co-exist in forms of movie theater. digital. dvd. blu ray. streaming. downloads.

Nate-Dog2529d ago

I really doubt it. Microsoft are currently looking into a disk with better storage capabilities and for all we know Nintendo and Sony probably are still looking to further their disk usage. It will happen in the future there's no doubt about it but I really don't think it is nigh. However ask me in around 7-10 years time and my answer will more than likely be different.

Anon19742529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I don't know. When Shane Kim was still with Microsoft, he openly commented that the next Xbox might not look anything like the traditional game console, that it might be more of a cheaper, digital distribution hub. I have no doubt that MS is looking at different storage technology - but I wouldn't rule out digital distribution taking on a much larger role next gen. It's cheaper, it cuts out losses due to used game sales, it helps them manage piracy - it just makes sense from a business perspective even if it's not what gamers necessarily want.

KMCROC2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

But don't they have a partnership w/ Game stop to further develop the concept of digital distribution. if not i don't think MS will offer all their games to be distributed Thur 2nd or 3rd parties digital services, i see them creating something bigger than Xbox Live or just buying someone out.

vglulz2529d ago

At some point in the future we will leave discs behind. Although I don't think we'll be there for another 5 years or so at least.

You can currently download full games on xbox straight to your hard drive, but I don't think they see same-day releases and they aren't competitively priced.

Ser2529d ago (Edited 2529d ago )

I highly doubt we will be gaming 100% digitally in 5 years. I know I won't.

waltyftm2529d ago

No, Give it about 5 years then maybe yes, too many people at present still unable to download stuff.

SKUD2529d ago

I would say 15-20 years. There are still return issues to address with DD. ISP's with data caps. Insufficient network infrastructure through out most of the world.

BioDemon-2529d ago

15-20 years? I don't think so, probably 5-10. Look at 15-20 years ago and see how much we have evolved. It won't take another 15 for us to evolve to DD only.

SKUD2529d ago

By that time frame we would to evolve by leaps n bounds. 100TB SSD n home DS3 network connections would have to be cheap. Oh and a very healthy economic situation world wide. Yea I don't see happening in 5-10 years.

Christopher2529d ago

No. Honestly, they're not going to be gone for a long, long time.

1. Bandwidth limitations do exist. Even many U.S. providers have caps that they don't advertise. Other countries have hard caps. If all the people who currently buy on disc, which is the mass majority of gamers to begin with, then you bet ISPs would be looking for more ways to either curtail downloads or start charging a lot more for higher tier download limits.

2. DRM is a huge factor and with EA coming out with their own digital store, it just shows that companies still want to control as much of their products as possible.

3. People will still go towards the product that allows for more control (resale), faster price reductions, and portability. Nothing on a HDD is portable.

In all honestly, the reasons for the answer being "no" now haven't changed at all since 6 years ago when people started saying that digital would be the mainstream way of things in 2010.

news4geeks2529d ago

Next gen will likely emphasize it more then ever. I can see every game being available for download as well as retail. It will gradually become the standard and by the time ps5 comes physical media will be a thing if the past.

All your reasons are trivial issues that will adapt to the change of standard over time.

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