Xbox 360 Ships 13.7 Million Units in Fiscal 2011, Profit Doubles

Microsoft has really been on a roll. Every month, along with NPD data, we hear how the Xbox 360 is the top selling console. Now, in Microsoft's just released fourth-quarter and year-end earnings, we see that Xbox 360 shipped 13.7 million units (up from 10.3 million in 2010) and operating income more than doubled for the Entertainment and Devices Division from $618 million to $1.32 billion

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donniebaseball2551d ago

Wow, not bad at all. Sony has some work to do.

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Best2551d ago

Agreed. If only Sony could do the same. Oh well there's always next year.

-Alpha2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Something about your comment history tells me that you don't actually mean or hope for that to happen

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kingdoms2551d ago

Recent reports from both companies earlier this year show the 360 gap has grown to over 5 million.

kneon2551d ago

In order for Sony to do the same they would have to stop shipping some consoles, they sold 14.3 million for the last fiscal year.

So Sony isn't catching up as fast as they were. It's not quite an apples to apples comparison though as their fiscal years are off by a quarter.

Quagland2551d ago

@kingdoms- nope, 3.5 mil at last count.

news4geeks2551d ago

The 5million difference is a result of 3 months longer worth of sales tracking. The gap is probably around the same, 3million. VGChartz actually has the ps3 comfortably ahead of the 360 for this year.

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Silly gameAr2551d ago

How do you know Sony hasn't done well? We always see articles like this when MS wants everyone to think that they are slaying the competition (which is often), but not many about Sony.

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thelogicking2551d ago

so now vgchatrs is credible? the amount of hypocrisy is sickning in this site!
that and i take sony and ms official numbers anytime over "vgcharts"

KingME2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )


kaveti66162551d ago

Now before I pointed out how Darkride66 was always there to downplay anything successful about Microsoft.

He told me to stay away from him bascially - to leave him alone.

But here he is again.

Truthfully, there are a lot of 360 fanboys out here talking about Sony not being successful just because MS released their numbers and Sony didn't.

And yes, those guys annoy me, too, because regardless of how successful MS is, the 360 community hasn't benefited that much.

But again, Darkside66 is playing armchair analyst.

He's trying to downplay the success of Kinect by saying it might not have "staying power."

So first it was, "the product won't sell."

Now it is, "the product won't stay."

For a guy who vehemently told me that he is a gamer and that's all, Darkside66 does seem to take a lot of interest in financial matters.

And just to show that I don't give a crap about MS, I will say this: the title is misleading because it say that the "profits" doubled. The article says that the operating income doubled. Revenue is different from profit.

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M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2551d ago

kingdoms: Link?

Oh, don't have one.

kreate2551d ago

does it really matter that bad?

1 fiscal year sony sells a few million more than MS.
next year MS sells a few million more than sony.

but everytime this happens there's a online war going on.
they both seem pretty profitable to me.

but if they're selling at similar rates. congrats to sony for doing just as good as MS with a far higher price point of the ps3.

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ps3destroyer2551d ago

The king continious to conquer.

dragonyght2551d ago

indeed everybody doubt them in the beginning and prove wrong now every is doubting them of recreating the the success second time around with the WIIUits on a matter of tim......wait ( ") wou not talking about the nintendo are you? darn! wrong tread

Zhuk2551d ago

This is great news, Only Xbox 360 gives gamers unrivalled access to all AAA titles with the best graphics and online ecosystem in the market today.

It is great to see the PS3 continue to fail dismally whilst the Xbox 360 reaches greater and greater heights.

maniacmayhem2551d ago

The Ps3 is a great console and is doing great itself.
I actually think this is a troll trap comment and you put it here to run some kind of n4g experiment.

Mr-Dude2551d ago

MS is really doing well, but your comment is really lame...and really fanboy,

best graphics and online ecosystem in the market today.>>?? show me the game!

my congratz to MS

RememberThe3572551d ago

Awwwww nice try but I only respect stealth trolling. Get better.

sinclaircrown2551d ago

"Only Xbox 360 gives gamers unrivalled access to all AAA titles with the best graphics and online ecosystem in the market today"

You should be a host on infomercials.

kneon2551d ago

If the PS3 is failing dismally then what is the XBox doing as it's selling less than the PS3? What's worse than dismally? Abysmally?

M1chl2551d ago

Oh my god why?? You're shareholder?

EasilyTheBest2551d ago

Zhuk. Where the hell have you been?

Great numbers for Microsoft. I really think they could break some sales records closer to christmas. Kinect is doing the trick, its created a buzz for the casuals. I know alot of people who are buying them for their kids.

Why o why2551d ago

Its been ages. Zhuk vs Dark Sniper = EPIC COMMENTS

Chug2551d ago

Lol. Zhuk, the king of N4G trolling since 2007.

SKUD2551d ago

Still one of the greats. Not sure what happened to BlackZhuk. LOL.

Optical_Matrix2551d ago

This guy thinks he's the 360 brotherhoods answer to DarkSniper. Shame he failed miserably. On topic though, thats all well and good, but the fact theres been not one exclusive for the first 7, nearly 8 months of 2011 is quite frankly disgusting. Only new release I've bought for 360 this year is Alice and even then its multiplat.

Fix up Microsoft. Seriously.

Green_Ranger2551d ago

lol @ the young ones who don't know about Zhuk

chaos-lockheart2551d ago

@ Zhuk

ahh... please tell me that you were just joking or being sarcastic right, cause what you just said is just like the ultimate fanboy, how the [email protected]#% can your IQ be so low, and look you have that many agrees, the Zoo needs more protections to lock those runaway monkeys.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

LOL, that all I have to say.

also, maniacmayhem there is such a thing as what you mention. Happened to me once. Got banned for a day for giving a person who made a funny fanboy comment a bubble.

The mod sent me a message saying "dont give fanboy comments +bubbles" or something like that. I was like sure, you make a stupid comment and Im the one whos at fault for finding it funny.

HaloSpartan2551d ago

lol zhuk is back,he seemed to rush this one though.

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MasterD9192551d ago

The consumers did you a favor Microsoft.

Now don't screw them over with a cheesy E3 show next year.

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hellzsupernova2551d ago

lol those consumers who are doing them well are the casuals though so expect more kinect. unless they have their next gen at next e3 which would be exciting