Xbox live Celebrates 5th Year of Online Service writes: "November 15, 2002 was the official launch date of Xbox LIVE® in North America. This November, we're very excited about the 5th anniversary of Xbox LIVE".

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jack who3970d ago

the best 50$/yr i have ever spent..

Bnet3433970d ago

pretty good service, I play with alot of people from my school, so its fun to get together

Dlacy13g3970d ago

Boy wouldnt that be the perfect day to roll out the Fall Update? 5yrs and a face lift too boot!

Also to those that dont can buy LIVE Gold Service 12 months + 1 month for $40 via 13 months for 40bucks....not bad at all!

Dreamworker3970d ago

$39 at amazon free shipping 13 month makes $3 a month and i have the live diamond card so i get coupons and discounts so it is almost free.

Marceles3970d ago

I've been doing the 3 month thing since i dont want to pay a whole year at once (since it costs as much as a game)...but I'm gonna check out amazon for that deal, thanks for the heads up.

Sam Fisher3970d ago

i had a 12 + 1 month and that 1 month thing is NOT 1 MONTH i tested my self and ima do it again to double check. 4 ex: u buy a 360 make new gamertag, automatic 1 month, that 1 month is added to the 12 month, so if i put a 2 day trial and then a 12 + 1 month card then it adds the 2 day trial with the 12 months u understand? so that +1 month is ALMOST false advertisemnt... hence u CANNOT sue M$

Dlacy13g3970d ago

I just bought the 13month card. My membership expired 11/07. I entered my code and now my new membership expires on 12/08...i.e. 13 months later!

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Zhuk3970d ago

congratulations to all Xbox Live subscribers for what is probably the best 5 years of online gaming I have ever had. Thinking it has already been 5 years makes me want to fire up some Mech Assault again and have a few matches! ^_^

Captain Tuttle3970d ago

Yeah, Mech Assault. First game I played on Live. I have some good memories of that game.

jack who3970d ago

midtown madness 4 the online wins

ThisIsWaiting3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

you say that like its a bad thing.

and - I remeber the good ol' days of MA, UC and Ghost Recon - fun times!

Then came the big daddy ... RTCW - still one of the best FPS's to grace a console.

Tempo3970d ago

and other like him,Live is a service, no different from the lets say the cell phone bill u pay every month, or the monthly subscription to itunes. What's the diffrence? oh i know its run by MS "the root of all that is wrong in the world and god forbid they get any of my hard earned cash" am i right?

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