Captain America Director Joe Johnston Discusses New Sega Video Game

Fans at San Diego Comic-Con got a first look at Marvel Entertainment’s Captain America: The First Avenger movie before anyone else in the world. Paramount Pictures spent July 21st celebrating the newest Marvel super hero movie by bringing Chris Evans and the cast to the biggest comic book fans for a free screening at UA Horton Plaza. Sega was also on hand to show off its new Captain America: Super Soldier game to convention attendees in a special arcade set up in downtown San Diego. Johnston talks about the new Sega game and the 3D movie in this exclusive video interview.

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sjaakiejj2550d ago

Wait, where does he say anything about the game? Watched the entire interview, and whilst I like hearing about the movie, I was expecting it to be more geared towards video games, you know, considering that the site is called "GamerTV", and the article's title clearly states he talks about the Sega game.


Lol! Superhero video game, we all know how thats gonna turn out; especially if sega is doing it. Ha. Puny sega!!